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Public Private Partnership Project Management


Program Overview

In this program you will learn about...

This program is oriented towards Professionals & Managers entrusted with PPP Projects - Visualizing, Feasibility Analysis, Formulating Project, Strategy Development, Proposal Preparation & Evaluation, Agreement Terms, Implementation and Management.

The program provides a clear understanding of the Issues at each stage and the good and best practices to be followed.

Program will follow the process approach - so you can directly implement in your work what is discussed and check-listed during the program.

Program Content

  1. Understanding the Logic of PPP

  2. Public Partnership Projects - the Happy Stories

  3. Public Private Projects - Disasters

  4. The Legal & Regulatory Issues

  5. The Political & Social Issues

  6. Economic Aspects & Project Attractiveness Issues

  7. Visualizing PPP Projects

  8. Feasibility Analysis of PPP Proposals

  9. Formulating PPP Projects

  10. PPP Strategy Development

  11. PPP Project Proposal Preparation

  12. PPP Concession Agreements and Arrangements

  13. PPP Prequalification

  14. Bidding PPP

  15. Bid Evaluation for PPP

  16. Implementation & Administration of PPP Project

  17. Management of Operational/Ongoing PPP Project

  18. Corruption Prevention and Identification at Project Stages (Formulation, Prequalification, Bidding, Bid Evaluation, Implementation, Operation)

  19. Your Action Plan

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