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Retail Management


The word ‘Retailing’ is derived from the French verb ‘retailer’, which means, "to cut a piece off.” From a marketers point of view, retailing is defined as a set of marketing activities that are designed to provide satisfaction to the end consumer.

The Programme Content:

  • Understand What is Retail Management.
  • Describe the Benefits of Retailing.
  • Learn about the Retail Selling Process.
  • Explain the Retail Selling Process.
  • Explain the Classification of Retailers.
  • Explain the Components of Retailing Concept.
  • Explain the Steps of Retail Strategy Planning.
  • Understand what is Franchising.
  • Explain What is Merchandising.
  • Understand What is Visual Merchandising.
  • Explain the Types of Retail Location.
  • Describe the Importance of Location in Retailing.
  • Explain What is a Private Label.
  • Understand What is a Private Label and the Process of Creation of Private Label.
  • List down the Myths about Careers in Retailing.
  • Learn the Tips for Success in Retailing.

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