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Save and archive documents and data electronically and manually


  • Provide participants with modern and modern skills in office management.
  • Enable participants to prepare public and private correspondence.
  • Enable participants to document, archive and save files electronically. "
  • Enable participants to prepare work reports and written techniques.
  • Inform the participants of the electronic supervision and its importance.
  • Inform the participants of the modern methods and methods of keeping documents and files electronically. "
  • Inform the participants of the international standard concerning the preservation of documents, files and manuscripts.

Target Categories:

  • Information staff concerned with the electronic preservation of documents.
  • Secretarial staff and parents.
  • All staff in the field of keeping and controlling documents and records.
  • Secretaries, office management and document and data preservation.

Basic Contents:

  • The concept and importance of preparing correspondence, filing and reporting.
  • archiving and the methods of archiving and review electronically. "
  • Methods and methods of modern detection and archiving documents and files electronically.
  • ISO International Standard for the preservation of documents and files and archived
  • Types of correspondence and official reports and their characteristics.
  • Proper phrases in writing correspondence and reports.
  • methods of saving files and documenting them electronically.
  • Means of archiving, record keeping and electronic documentation.
  • Methods of interaction and increase productivity in offices.
  • The five foundations of good work in the management of the work of the bureau, offices and secretaries.
  • Methods of dealing with electronic records and documents.
  • Methods of communication and dealing with electronic customers.
  • Writing techniques and preparing work reports
  • The components of the reports and the stages of preparation and the tasks of each stage
  • Exercises and practical situations

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