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Skills For Women at Work


Increasingly, it is being recognised that the trend towards equal opportunities for women is giving women the chance to take more responsibility and make more contribution to the success of their organisation.

However, in many cases, there is a need to develop the skills and confidence necessary to maximise potential as individuals and as employees. This programme is designed to do just that - to equip women with the skills, knowledge and confidence to succeed in what has traditionally been a male dominated society.

The seminar will involve experiencing personal development and practising the new skills using ten competencies which are the key to success in a position of responsibility.


As a result of being on this seminar you will:

  • Get to know yourself better.
  • Improve your personal effectiveness.
  • Improve your ability to influence others.
  • Improve your assertiveness and self confidence.
  • Improve your business awareness.

Training Methodology:

The week will include presentations, discussion and syndicate work. The emphasis however will be on experiential learning - learning by experiencing effective (and ineffective) behaviour in yourself and in others.

The learning will be built around the following ten competencies:

  • Leadership.
  • Impact & Influence.
  • Thinking And Problem Solving.
  • Customer Awareness.
  • Interpersonal Skills and Assertive Communication.
  • Initiative and Pro-activity.
  • Emotional Intelligence and Self-Management.
  • Results Focus.

On this course all skills will be taught through a combination of theory and practice, which each delegate having the opportunity to gain confidence of their abilities in practice their skills in a safe environment.

Personal Impact:

As a result of being on this programme, delegates will learn new skills – how to be assertive without being aggressive, how to communicate well, how to make a positive personal impact, how to manage time and how to lead, organise and delegate. Most importantly, the learning will be achieved by experiencing the effect of these skills being applied effectively in the safe environment of the seminar.

Delegates will also learn a lot about themselves, their effective and ineffective behaviour, how to change and how to put the new skills into practice back in the workplace.

Organisational Impact:

Organisations which take seriously the development of work-related skills in women will empower and enable women to fulfill their potential and thus be able to gain the benefits from developing all their best people – irrespective of whether male or female.


DAY 1:

The Changing Role of Women at Work:

  • Getting to know each other.
  • Setting the context – changing world of work for women.
  • Role Models – successful women at work.
  • Overcoming stereotypes and glass ceilings.
  • Leadership Skills for Women.
  • Explore values, attitudes and beliefs about women as leaders.
  • Knowing and accepting yourself as a leader.
  • Making things happen from anywhere in the organization.
  • Understanding and clarifying purpose, vision and mission.
  • External and internal customer service.

DAY 2:

Taking Control of your Life:

  • The secret to working smarter rather than harder.
  • To do or not to do - how to use a priority matrix.
  • Achieving results through others.
  • Making a long term plan to create the best office in the company!.
  • How to ‘get it together’ when you feel scattered and pulled in all directions.
  • De-cluttering and organizing your life.
  • Life balance for women.
  • Mind Mapping for planning, problem solving and creative thinking.
  • Right brain/left brain theory.
  • Finding the balance of masculine logical brain and feminine intuitive brain.

DAY 3:

Self-Esteem for Peak Performance:

  • Where does self-esteem come from and why we lose it?
  • The relationship between self-esteem, self-respect, self-confidence and self-motivation.
  • Determining your comfort zone - self-image/self-talk/goals.
  • Overcoming the ABC (anger/blame/complain) of self-esteem killers.
  • Building and sustaining high self-esteem.
  • The ABC of self-transformation (awareness/beliefs/commitment).
  • How to free yourself from fear.
  • The law of cause and effect - the principle of creating positive outcomes.
  • How to make and keep commitments to your self.
  • Finding greater meaning and purpose in your work.
  • Ten steps to Peak Performance (Linking self-esteem to effectiveness at work).
  • Image and Self-projection for today’s professional woman

DAY 4:

Vital Communication Skills:

  • Networking – making conversation and connections.
  • Representing your organization in the public arena.
  • Political Savvy – the unwritten power skills for professional women.
  • Assertive Communication.
  • Understanding and using body language.
  • The most effective way to say no.
  • Communicating with Confidence.
  • Understanding gender differences.
  • Overcome biases and discomfort associated with exercising power.
  • Understanding different personality types and how to deal with them.

DAY 5:

Self-Empowerment and Self-Management:

  • Understanding the main causes of stress for women.
  • How to build self-confidence and strength the ability to respond to difficult situations.
  • How to relax and refresh the mind and body.
  • The signs, symptoms, causes and triggers to stress.
  • Why stress is a powerful messenger.
  • How to break the vicious cycle of stressful thinking.
  • The essential skills of emotional intelligence.
  • Using emotional intelligence at work.
  • Transforming fear and negativity and reactive-ness.
  • Becoming a more proactive, responsible and self-aware person.

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