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The Leadership Challenge: Inspire, Enable and Encourage


Whilst some mediocre managers are happy to stay inside their comfort zone, and rely on their past experiences to get them through the elite of the business world, leaders should constantly challenge themselves in order to stay fresh and up to date in an ever changing business world.

This course has been specifically designed for those people who understand that to be a leader we must challenge ourselves at every opportunity. This course will be an out of the comfort zone experience and is aimed to challenge you to be the very best leader you can be, working on your ability to inspire, enable and encourage. You will be coached and given feedback at every opportunity. The coaching is aimed at stretching you and pushing you to the next level of leadership.

If you’re happy in your comfort zone, then don’t apply. This course is an advanced level leadership challenge. That by the use of professional coaching techniques, will inspire, push and challenge you to a higher level of management/leadership.

The Goals:

  • Challenge you to a higher level of management/leadership.
  • Learn how to become inspirational.
  • The difference between enablers and managers.
  • Professional coaching and empowerment at advanced level.
  • Learn how to engage your people.
  • Exceptional engagement for business results.
  • Learn methods to encourage and inspire your people.


Motivates others to succeed; remains committed to the organization; setting challenging goals; encourages others to exceed expectations; recognizes accomplishments of others:

  • Commitment, motivates others through own sense of "can do" spirit, and optimism.
  • Conveys confidence in others' ability to do their best.
  • Creating positive feelings and incentive for further accomplishments, reinforces progress and performance.
  • Conveys commitment to management decisions and company policies even if unpopular.
  • Energizes others by clarifying the broader purpose and mission of their work.
  • Encourages others to exceed performance standards.

The Process:

The course is delivered in a challenging, yet fun and inspiring style, by a professional business coach who is passionate about leadership. Various methods will be used to keep participants engaged, the use of video, and case studies from historical leaders as well as modern businesses, mixed with group work and personal feedback. This course will challenge you and inspire you to the next level of leadership.

The Benefits:

  • You will be a much stronger leader.
  • You will be able to inspire your team.
  • You will learn how to get your people engaged.
  • You will increase your level of confidence and influence.
  • You will become an enabler instead of a manager.
  • You will learn advanced level coaching techniques.

The Results:

  • A more confident employee.
  • An employee who is driven and has a sense of urgency.
  • An employee who can inspire others.
  • An employee with excellent communication skills.
  • An employee who can engage and enthuse teams.
  • A more motivated employee.

The Core Competencies:

  • Communication.
  • People skills.
  • Attitude.
  • Leadership.
  • Coaching.
  • Self confidence.

The Programme Content:

Day One:

The challenge:

  • The leadership challenge.
  • Rule number 1, Everything matters.
  • The importance of stretching ourselves.
  • Association and its impact on our ability to inspire.
  • Receiving feedback on our abilities, from other leaders.
  • Why standing still is no longer an option.
  • Even eagles need a push, and so do we.
  • The cycle of personal growth.

Day Two:

Inspirational Leadership:

  • Why some people are inspirational.
  • Why Human Beings desire to be inspired.
  • Human behavioural patterns and cultural differences.
  • Differing forms and styles of inspiration.
  • A decision? A skill? or something we are born with.
  • Why some people win and some people fail.
  • Dreamers versus planners.
  • Lighting a fire under your people.
  • The leadership challenge.

Day Three:


  • What is an enabler.
  • Why managers and enablers are so different.
  • The skills required to become an enabler.
  • How the giving away power, will gain you more.
  • Enabling in different cultures.
  • Resistance to an enabling business culture.
  • Why enabling, gains loyalty and increases trust.
  • Why enablers are far stronger than managers.
  • The leadership challenge.

Day Four:

Engaging and encouraging your people:

  • Why most employees are not engaged by their work.
  • The 45 year plan, and its effect on motivation.
  • The true cost of business meetings.
  • Engage your team to gain better results.
  • Engagement in business meetings.
  • Everyday engagement principles.
  • Engaging an audience though presentations.
  • Engaging, where to draw the line.
  • Recognition and rewards.
  • The leadership challenge.

Day Five:

Personal leadership challenge:

  • The dream.
  • The goals.
  • The style.
  • The accountability.
  • The payback.
  • The enabler.
  • The shield.
  • The sword.

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