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Total Quality Management (TQM) & Theory of Constraints (TOC)


Quality has become a must for all industries and services. The challenge today is not only to implement quality programs. It is also to reach a high performance and ensure customer loyalty through products and services delivered on time at the right quality level, at the right price.

The main purpose of this course is to give an integrated view of quality management, quality systems and improvement techniques: how they are linked, how to integrate them to the organization the second purpose is for the participants to learn and use an efficient quality improvement tool box and methodology.

Course Learning Objectives:

At the end of this course, the participants will have learnt the following:

Quality management:

  • Understand the evolution of quality management in products and services.
  • Assess the quality performance of a business, and its financial considerations.
  • Understand the quality management functions, how they are linked and make recommendations to an organization.

Quality Systems:

  • Understand the role and structure of quality systems , such as ISO 9000.
  • Recommend an appropriate quality improvement methodology in respect to a company’s structure, culture and values.
  • Understand the link between quality, human resources, change management, and leadership.

Improvement techniques:

  • Understand the Six Sigma methodology.
  • Apply the methodology to transactional and operational processes, as well as products.
  • Understand when to use the basic tools, graphics and advanced tools.
  • Select the right project related to a problem.
  • Identify root causes of a problem (moderate complexity).
  • Find and implement solutions.
  • Understand Lean Manufacturing and Lean Thinking.
  • Understand the link between variation and waste.
  • Understand and use the tools to ensure and maintain the benefits achieved.
  • Understand statistical process control.
  • Understand Design for Six Sigma and the roadmap to design Six Sigma products and services.

Theory Of Constraints (TOC):

  • Improve system performance without incurring additional capital or operating costs.
  • Learn how to improve throughput and cycle time without the need for added resources.
  • Avoid the efficiency trap and focus thinking on system effectiveness.  
  • Adapt your Lean systems to manage unexpected disruptions.   
  • Focus management effort and resources to best effect.
  • Generate win - win solutions rather than a compromise.   
  • Meet your commitments: delivered on time and within cost.
  • Increase inventory turnover and shorten lead times.

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