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Advanced Apache Superset



This training program refers to an advanced level of proficiency or knowledge in using Apache Superset, an open-source business intelligence tool used for data exploration, visualization, and dashboarding. "Advanced" implies a deeper understanding and utilization of the tool's features, capabilities, and functionalities beyond basic usage. This involve tasks such as creating complex dashboards, implementing advanced data transformations, optimizing performance, and customizing the tool to meet specific business needs.

Program Objectives:

By the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Master advanced data exploration and visualization with Apache Superset.

  • Develop proficiency in creating complex and interactive dashboards.

  • Implement advanced data transformations for optimized analysis.

  • Customize Apache Superset for specific business needs.

  • Learn best practices for deploying, managing, and securing Apache Superset in production environments.

  • Gain practical experience with real-world datasets and scenarios.

Targeted Audience:

  • Data analysts and BI professionals.

  • Business intelligence practitioners.

  • Professionals in various industries.

  • Individuals responsible for deploying and managing Apache Superset.

  •  Anyone eager to gain practical experience with Apache Superset.

Program Outlines: 

Unit 1.

Introduction to Apache Superset:

  • Understand the basics of Apache Superset.

  • Explore its features and capabilities.

  • Install and configure Apache Superset.

  • Navigate the Apache Superset interface.

  • Connect Apache Superset to data sources.

Unit 2.

Data Exploration and Visualization:

  • Learn advanced data exploration techniques.

  • Create interactive visualizations and dashboards.

  • Customize visualizations to convey insights effectively.

  • Utilize filters and parameters for interactive analysis.

  • Practice storytelling with data using Apache Superset.

Unit 3.

Advanced Data Analysis:

  • Implement advanced data transformations.

  • Utilize SQL Lab for ad-hoc querying.

  • Apply statistical functions for deeper analysis.

  • Perform time-series analysis and forecasting.

  • Learn best practices for data analysis with Apache Superset.

Unit 4.

Dashboard Customization and Sharing:

  • Customize dashboards to meet specific business needs.

  • Configure security settings for access control.

  • Share dashboards and reports with stakeholders.

  • Schedule and automate report generation.

  • Optimize dashboard performance for scalability.

Unit 5.

Deployment and Management:

  • Deploy Apache Superset in production environments.

  • Monitor and troubleshoot Apache Superset instances.

  • Implement backup and recovery strategies.

  • Manage users, roles, and permissions effectively.

  • Stay up-to-date with Apache Superset updates and releases.

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