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Advanced Maintenance Management



This training program offers participants an in-depth understanding and practical skills necessary for effectively managing maintenance operations in industrial and organizational settings. It empowers participants to lead and implement maintenance excellence initiatives within their organizations.

Program Objectives:

At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand advanced principles and methodologies in maintenance management.

  • Develop skills in implementing preventive, predictive, and reliability-centered maintenance strategies.

  • Learn techniques for optimizing maintenance processes and improving asset performance.

  • Gain insights into advanced maintenance technologies and tools.

  • Enhance capabilities in leading and managing maintenance teams effectively.

Targeted Audience:

  • Maintenance Managers.

  • Reliability Engineers.

  • Plant Engineers.

  • Maintenance Supervisors.

  • Asset Managers.

  • Maintenance Planners.

Program Outline:

Unit 1:

Advanced Maintenance Management Principles:

  • Overview of advanced maintenance management concepts and methodologies.

  • Understanding the principles of reliability-centered maintenance (RCM).

  • Steps for implementing total productive maintenance (TPM) and lean maintenance practices.

  • Developing maintenance strategies aligned with organizational goals.

  • Case studies on successful implementation of advanced maintenance management principles.

Unit 2:

Predictive Maintenance Technologies:

  • Introduction to predictive maintenance (PdM) technologies and techniques.

  • Steps for implementing condition monitoring methods such as vibration analysis, thermography, and oil analysis.

  • Utilizing predictive maintenance tools and software for data analysis and decision-making.

  • Developing predictive maintenance programs and schedules.

Unit 3:

Asset Performance Optimization:

  • Strategies for optimizing asset performance and reliability.

  • Analyzing equipment failure modes and implementing root cause analysis (RCA).

  • Steps for implementing asset management strategies for lifecycle optimization.

  • Enhancing equipment reliability through performance metrics and KPIs.

  • Real-world examples of asset performance optimization initiatives.

Unit 4:

Maintenance Process Improvement:

  • Techniques for optimizing maintenance processes and workflows.

  • Steps for implementing continuous improvement methodologies such as Six Sigma and Kaizen.

  • Developing maintenance planning and scheduling best practices.

  • Enhancing maintenance data management and analysis.

  • Exercises on improving maintenance processes and workflows.

Unit 5:

Leadership in Maintenance Management:

  • Principles of effective leadership in maintenance management.

  • Developing maintenance leadership skills, including communication and team building.

  • Managing change and driving organizational culture towards maintenance excellence.

  • Steps for implementing safety and compliance standards in maintenance operations.

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