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Advanced Management



This training program is an intensive program designed to elevate the capabilities of experienced professionals in managerial roles. Through a combination of advanced theoretical concepts, case studies, and interactive workshops, participants deepen their understanding of strategic decision-making, organizational dynamics, and change management.

Program Objectives:

At the end of this program, the participants will be able to: 

  • Understand and contribute to a discussion of emerging business issues in management.

  • Determine your leadership and management advantage and plan your future in a risk free environment.

  • Provoke traditional assumptions and examine business challenges from new current perspectives.

  • Build on core functional competencies by creating a sustaining competitive advantage.

  • Shift to new management and leadership paradigms and behaviors.

  • Develop an implementation plan for their return.

Targeted Audience:

  • Senior functional heads.

  • Senior managers.

  • Members of the executive committee.

  • The heads of major business units.

  • Senior members of the operating group.

  • HR professionals.

Program Outlines:

Unit 1:

Performance Management Process:

  • Integration of proven management methodologies.

  • Fact-based data and information technology.

  • Motivation and performance management.

  • Performance management as an appraisal process.

  • Performance management around the globe.

Unit 2:

Leading Organizational Change Through Innovation:

  • Strategy innovations are managing the future.

  • Strategy innovations are not strategic planning.

  • Managing innovation and the discovery process.

  • The discovery process: staging, aligning, exploring, creating, mapping.

  • The future of strategy innovation systems in management.

Unit 3:

Leveraging Management Based Activities:

  • Questions and Definitions of Activity Based Management.

  • Activity-Based management as a key to success.

  • Operational Activity-Based management for continuous improvement.

  • Strategic Activity-Based management for profitability.

  • Activity-Based management supports performance management.

Unit 4:

Integration of Performance Management:

  • Customer intelligence and relationship management.

  • Supplier Intelligence: managing economic profits across the value chain.

  • Process intelligence and six sigma quality and lean thinking.

  • Shareholder intelligence.

  • Employee intelligence.

Unit 5:

Knowledge-Based Management and Organisations:

  • Enabling knowledge-based competence of a corporation.

  • Strategic management of knowledge.

  • Market research in product development.

  • Human Resource Management and knowledge creation.

  • Organizing and managing innovation in a knowledge-based economy.

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