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Advanced practical trends in human resource management



Welcome to the Advanced Practical Trends in Human Resource Management training program! In today's dynamic and competitive business landscape, effective human resource management is crucial for organizational success. This intensive 5-day course has been designed to equip HR professionals and aspiring HR leaders with the latest tools, techniques, and strategies to excel in the field of human resource management. Whether you are looking to enhance your HR skills or stay updated with the latest trends, this course is tailored to meet your needs.

Course Objectives: 

At the end of this course the participants will be able to: 

  • Stay Ahead of Trends
  • Enhance HR Skills

  • Strategic HR Management

  • Optimize HR Technology

  • Effective Communication

Targeted Audience: 

  • HR Managers and Directors

  • HR Generalists

  • Talent Acquisition Specialists

  • Employee Relations Professionals

  • Learning and Development Managers

  • Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

  • Aspiring HR Professionals

  • Anyone interested in staying updated with HR trends

Course Outlines:

Unit 1: Foundations of Modern HR Management

  • Introduction to modern HR trends

  • HR's role in organizational success

  • HR ethics and compliance

  • HR analytics and data-driven decision-making

Unit 2: Talent Acquisition and Retention

  • Recruitment strategies in the digital age

  • Employer branding and candidate experience

  • Onboarding and orientation best practices

  • Employee retention strategies

Unit 3: Performance Management and Employee Development

  • Performance appraisal methods and feedback

  • Career development and succession planning

  • Training and development programs

  • Mentoring and coaching

Unit 4: Employee Engagement and Diversity & Inclusion

  • Strategies for employee engagement

  • Building a diverse and inclusive workplace

  • Handling workplace diversity challenges

  • Promoting inclusion at all levels

Unit 5: HR Technology and Strategic HR

  • The role of technology in HR operations

  • HR software and tools

  • Creating and implementing HR strategies

  • Aligning HR with organizational goals

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