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Advanced Project Management



This training program provides participants with essential project management tools and techniques, focusing on risk management, progress tracking, and vendor management strategies. It emphasizes integrating project management processes into organizational culture with senior management support.

Program objectives:

At the end of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Enhance risk management practices across the project life cycle.

  • Implement robust metrics for tracking project progress, minimizing speculation.

  • Enhance management strategies for challenging vendors.

  • Refine time and cost estimates, particularly for high-risk projects.

  • Mitigate cost and schedule risks using advanced methodologies.

  • Ensure accurate progress reporting and enhance stakeholder engagement on complex projects.

Targeted Audience:

  • Project managers and team leaders.

  • Program and Operations managers.

  • Project coordinators.

  • Business analysts.

  • Team members assigned to projects.

  • Project control professionals.

  • Construction managers and supervisors.

Program outline:

Unit 1:

Understanding Project Management:

  • Exploring the Purpose of Projects.

  • Defining a Project and Project Management.

  • Overview of Project Delivery Systems and Life-cycle Models.

  • Initiation Phase: Setting the Project Foundation.

Unit 2:

Project selection:

  • Qualitative techniques and Quantitative techniques - Economic Evaluation.

  • Selecting the right project manager.

  • Project Objectives and Stakeholder assessment - who wants what?

  • Identification of stakeholders.

  • Stakeholder management and analysis.

Unit 3:


  • Task Characteristics and Duration Assessment.

  • Planning and Scheduling Methods.

  • Critical Path vs Critical Chain Scheduling.

  • Resource Allocation Methods.

  • Time-Cost Trade-off.

  • Lead/Lag Scheduling.

  • Critical Chain scheduling.

Unit 4:

Proactive Project Risk Management:

  • What do we mean by risk?

  • Risk vs. uncertainty.

  • Attitudes towards risk.

  • Risk identification, factors, sources, and analysis approaches.

  • Qualification and quantification of probability and impact.

  • Dealing with subjective elements of risk.

  • Risk strategies.

Unit 5:

Executing, Monitoring and Controlling:

  • Lean Construction Strategies.

  • Staff Acquisition.

  • Team Development and Motivation.

  • Leadership vs Management.

  • Management styles and Conflict Handling.

  • Using Earned Value to report accomplishment.

  • Implementing Risk strategies.

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