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Advanced Public Relations Management for Corporations



The Advanced Public Relations Management for Corporations program is an advanced training initiative tailored for professionals seeking to elevate their strategic PR capabilities within corporate settings. It delves into sophisticated PR techniques, crisis management strategies, and stakeholder engagement methodologies to navigate complex corporate landscapes effectively through practical exercises and case studies. Participants refine their skills in reputation management, media relations, and corporate communication to drive organizational success and resilience.

Program Objectives:

At the end of this program the participants will be able to:

  • Examine the role of Communications/PR in the 21st Century Organisation.

  • Explore the range of communications techniques and tools available.

  • Develop increased skill writing for print and the web and competency in the range of PR tools and techniques including editing.

  • Learn how to write a clear PR/Communications brief.

  • Plan communications activity to meet client need.

  • Learn how to develop an electronic PR/Communications Centre.

  • Develop crisis media management techniques.

  • Develop media interview techniques and personal communications effectiveness.

Targeted Audience:

  • PR officers.

Program Outlines:

Unit 1:

The Complete PR and Communications Professional:

  • Introduction and welcome.

  • Goal setting for the program.

  • The role of Communications and PR in the organization.

  • What does top management want?

  • Assessing your PR environment.

  • The range of media and channels.

  • Personal goal-setting for the program.

Unit 2:

A Problem Solving Approach:

  • Communications models: implications for practice.

  • Psychological themes and construction in practice.

  • .A problem-solving approach to PR.

  •  Taking and interpreting communication briefs.

  • The art of influence and persuasion.

  • Listening and emotional intelligence.

  • Organizational transparency and communications.

Unit 3:

Getting Your Message Heard:

  • Choosing channels – matching media to tasks and stakeholders.

  • Planning brilliant campaigns.

  • Project management.

  • Risk management.

  • Time management.

  • Delivering business results.

  • Campaign evaluation.

Unit 4: Keep it Social:

  • The changing world of relationships in the age of social media networks.

  • Improving the power of communications in the organization.

  • Measuring communications effectiveness.

  • Using measurement to improve performance.

  • Crisis communication.

  • Reputational management.

  • E-reputational management.

Unit 5: Putting it all Together:

  • Planning your career and personal development.

  • Impacting positively on your managers.

  • Managing up and increasing your personal visibility.

  • Networking and effectiveness.

  • Team working and your personal effectiveness.

  • Time management and work planning.

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