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Advanced Strategies In selection, Recruitment, Disciplinary Systems and Termination



One of the common mistakes that human resources managers make is to focus on meeting labor needs in the short term, more than labor in the long term. This non-strategic approach makes the organization face painful surprises in providing labor in terms of number and characteristics and makes the human resources department director have to deal with a group of successive crises, which is an ineffective approach that makes the organization act by relying on a reactionary method, and this course is only an attempt to present an advanced strategy stemming from modern trends in the processes of selection, employment and recruitment, and a presentation of the systems for creating a list of sanctions and disciplinary sanctions.

Course Objectives:

  • Gain the ability to develop human resources by paying attention to modern methods of selection, appointment, and employment processes.

  • Learn about the latest human resources work mechanisms and best practices in evaluating and evaluating performance.

  • Changing their attitudes toward effective performance and efficient thinking.

  • Effectively designing the basic and main rules of the sanctions and sanctions regulations.

  • Preparing plans for excellence in the performance of human resources management in accordance with comprehensive quality standards.

Targeted Audience:

This course is suitable for:

  • Managers and heads of human resources and personnel departments.

  • Directors and heads of departments of training and human resources development departments.

  • Employees of personnel and human resources departments and departments.

  • Those interested in training and employment affairs.

  • Legal affairs and investigations.

  • Anyone who finds himself in need of this course and wants to develop his skills and experience.

Course Outline:

Unit 1: Important concepts in human resources management

  • Introduction to important concepts in human resources management.

  • The role of human resources in contemporary organizations.

  • Human resources as effective intellectual capital.

  • The importance of human resources as a competitive input to the GATT agreements.

  • The most important recent trends in human resources management practices

Unit 2: Human Resources Planning

  • Modern organizational structure for human resources planning data.

  • Advanced methods in forecasting labor needs.

  • Integrated framework for human resources planning

Unit 3: Advanced Foundations in Selection and Recruitment

  • Objective foundations for determining selection and recruitment processes.

  • The basic stages of selection and recruitment processes.

  • Modern standards required in selection and recruitment processes.

  • The practical and scientific importance of job analysis in recruitment and hiring processes.

  • Methods of preparing and reviewing job descriptions and skills necessary for filling positions and selection.

  • Modern mechanisms for selection, recruitment, and recruitment processes

Unit 4: Financial compensation and disciplinary systems

  • Traditional methods of job evaluation and wage determination.

  • Effective modern statistical methods for job evaluation and wage determination processes.

  • Advanced standards and indicators that must be met in organizing the list of penalties and punishments.

  • The modern legal view of penal and penalty systems is “disciplinary systems”.

  • An integrated framework for the foundations and standards of disciplinary systems.

Unit 5: Advanced Strategies for Termination of Service

  • The main and various reasons for termination of service.

  • Modern methods of dealing with the termination process.

  • Quality standards and ISO systems in determining service termination methods.

  • The final integrated version of termination processes.

  • The role of human resources management after completing termination processes.


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