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Agile Thinking in a Changing Business World



Agile project execution and business operations, including marketing techniques and campaigns, are essential and should be strategically led. Delegates will fully understand the fundamental components of this Agile Thinking in a Changing Business World training course, enabling them to improve their organizations' ability for innovation, adaptation, and success. They will get the ability to quickly and wisely reason in the face of uncertainty. enabling them to optimize their processes and prosper in a quickly evolving and extremely dynamic corporate environment.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the Agile mindset and its guiding tenets, including pragmatism, the power of choice, and context-sensitivity.
  • Describe the tenets and procedures that foster agile thinking.
  • Find and change present organizational and personal thinking that hinders agility.
  • Practice agile tactics to replace unhealthy thought patterns with agile ones.
  • Encourage significant and pertinent agile inputs while creating organizational strategies.
  • Facilitate others' adoption of agile methodologies in their thinking and behaviors to achieve organizational goals.

Targeted Audience

  • Business representatives
  • Member of technical teams
  • Managers and leaders of business units
  • Delivery managers and leaders of technical departments.
  • Engineers and technical staff  


Course Outline

Unit 1: Team and Individual Agility in Problem Solving and Decision Making

  • How to motivate a team or group?
  • The Leadership and Problem-Solving Mindset
  • Applications of "problem & need" methodologies with rapid agile tools
  • obtaining the best leverage and important considerations while selecting decisions
  • Models and methods for making agile decisions
  • Model for Agile Decision-Making: Application Session

Unit 2: Agile Values & Thoughts - Develop Inner-Agility 

  • Values and principles for agility
  • Individual ‘status quo’ thinking habits that hinder agility
  • The connection between organisational culture and agility
  • Behavioural and thinking habits that constrain or foster agility
  • Personal mindset practices to develop inner agility
  • Techniques to replace old habits with new agile thinking

Unit 3: Agile Transformation - Personal Competencies to Enhance Agility

  • Challenges and opportunities in business agility
  • Growth Mindset – practices and principles
  • Roles & functions within empowered teams
  • Skills for effective listening and collaborating
  • Personal branding and agility
  • Personal Agility Plan – preparation and execution in the workplace

Unit 4: The Seed of Business Agility

  • Business Agility: the foundations
  • Complexity Theory: Application to the business environment
  • Agile Business: Forms & Features 
  • The importance of achieving agility in business
  • Principles of Lean & Agile
  • Embedding value-adding performance criteria in the workplace    

Unit 5: Sustaining Business Agility: Skills & Tools

  • Business agility practice areas: Scrum, Kanban, Agile studios, etc.
  • Championing Organizational Change
  • Empathizing to build customer value
  • Changing paradigms
  • Accommodating ideation and innovation
  • Waste elimination: identification & elimination

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