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Banking and Financial Intermediation



This training program offers a thorough understanding of financial institutions' roles and operations within the economy. It equips professionals to navigate banking complexities and contribute effectively to the financial sector.

Program Objectives:

At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Analyze the function and dangers of financial institutions as intermediaries in the financial system.

  • Offer or look for suitable banking services

  • Analyze the income statement and balance sheet of a bank.

  • Make lending decisions after assessing the credit risk

  • Utilize financial instruments to manage your finances and risks.

Targeted Audience:

  • Decision-making Experts in the Credit Industry.

  • Relationship managers are in charge of offering suitable financial services.

  • Those that want to work as credit analysts.

  • Those requesting funding on behalf of their business.

  • Banking and the Financial Crisis enthusiasts.

Program Outline:

Unit 1:

An Overview of The Monetary Financial System: 

  • The Financial and Monetary System.

  • Financial Intermediation: What Is It?

  • The Function and Purpose of Banking and Financial Intermediary.

  • Instruments of Finance & Securitization.

  • Financial Markets.

  • Disintermediation.

Unit 2:

The Bank’s Balance Sheet & Income Statement:

  • The Roles of the Central Banks.

  • Retail, Investment & Private Banking.

  • The Bank’s Income Statement.

  • The Bank’s Balance Sheet.

  • Assets & Liabilities.

  • Capital Adequacy & International Regulation.

Unit 3:

Providing Credit – the Bank’s Major Role:

  • Types of Finance: Assets, International Trade & Working Capital.

  • Off Balance Sheet Finance.

  • Credit Analysis/Evaluating Credit Applications.

  • The Bank’s Risk Return Trade Off.

  • Reducing Risk .

  • Monitoring & Controlling Lending.

Unit 4:

The Financial Crisis and Lessons Learnt:                    

  • Causes of the Financial Crisis.

  • Consequences of the Financial Crisis.

  • The Role of Derivatives.

  • Lessons Learnt.

  • International Regulatory Requirements.

  • The Confidence Function.

Unit 5:

Banking Services:

  • Personal & Business Services.

  • Current Accounts & Payment Services.

  • Savings & Deposits.

  • Investments.

  • Private Banking & Wealth Management.

  • International Trade.

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