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Best Practices in Surface Production Operations Management



This training program focuses on equipping participants with the essential skills and knowledge required to effectively manage surface production operations in various industries. It provides a comprehensive understanding of best practices to enhance efficiency and productivity in surface production operations. 

Program Objectives:

At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the challenges associated with production operations management.

  • Highlight best practice in metering, deferment administration, and planning.

  • Generate strategy to meet the business-driver in an asset using a case study.

  • Provide appropriate improvement process.

Targeted Audience:

  • Production Operators.

  • Field Production Personnel / Supervisors / Superintendents.

  • Asset Managers and Senior Managers.

  • Asset Support Engineers.

  • Process Engineers, Reservoir Engineers, Planning Engineers.

  • Production Accountants / Engineers.

Program Outlines:

Unit 1:

Overview of Surface Production Operations:

  • Introduction to Surface Production Operations.

  • Tools Supporting Operations Management.

  • Overview of Well, Reservoir & Facility Management (WRFM) process.

  • Metering Systems.

  • Operations Integration.

Unit 2:

Production Deferment Administration:

  • General Principles of Deferment Administration

  • Measurements.

  • Deferment Coding.

  • Roles & Responsibilities.

  • HCA Applications.

Unit 3:

Production Allocation & Reconciliation:

  • Principles of Production Allocation & Reconciliation.

  • Domain Experts & Required Technology.

  • Populating and Verification / Validating Process of Data.

  • Allocation & Reconciliation.

  • Standard HCA Business Workflow.

Unit 4:

Integrated Production / Injection Planning:

  • General Principles of Activity Planning.

  • Overview of Water-Injection System.

  • Business Objective for Integrated Production Planning.

  • Common Tools Required.

  • Challenges in Integrated Production Plan.

  • Integrated Production Plan Workflow.

  • Strategy in Generating Robust Plan linked to the Business.

Unit 5:

Performance Review:

  • Case Study.

  • General Course Review.

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