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Building and Managing Effective KPI Dashboards


Program Introduction:

This training program is designed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge required to build and manage effective KPI dashboard to align with organizational goals and drive performance improvement.

Program Objectives:

By the end of the program, participants wil be able to:

  •  Understand the fundamentals and importance of KPI dashboards in business performance management.

  •  Learn how to design user-friendly and impactful KPI dashboards.

  •  Gain proficiency in selecting the right KPIs and data visualization techniques.

  •  Develop skills to effectively interpret and communicate dashboard insights.

  •  Master the management and continuous improvement of KPI dashboards.

Target Audience:

  •  Senior managers and executives.

  •  Business intelligence and data analytics professionals.

  •  Performance management professionals.

  •  Strategic planners and decision-makers.

Program Outline:

Unit 1:

Fundamentals of KPI Dashboards:

  • Introduction to KPI Dashboards.

  • Key Elements of an Effective KPI Dashboard.

  • Identifying and Selecting KPIs.

  • Data Sources and Integration.

  • Dashboard Design Principles.

Unit 2:

Building KPI Dashboards:

  • Setting Up Your Dashboard Framework.

  • Data Visualization Techniques.

  • Dashboard Layout and Structure.

  • Real-time vs. Periodic Dashboards.

Unit 3:

Managing KPI Dashboards:

  • Maintaining Data Quality and Accuracy.

  • Dashboard Performance Monitoring.

  • User Access and Security.

  • Updating and Evolving Dashboards.

Unit 4:

Interpreting and Communicating Dashboard Insights:

  • Analyzing Dashboard Data.

  • Generating Insights and Actionable Recommendations.

  • Effective Reporting and Presentation.

  • Stakeholder Engagement.

Unit 5:

Advanced Topics and Future Trends:

  • Advanced Data Visualization Techniques.

  • Integrating AI and Machine Learning.

  • Mobile and Responsive Dashboards.

  • Future Trends in KPI Dashboards.

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