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Building Customer Centric Organization BCS



This highly engaging training program demonstrates how to measure the current level of customer-centricity by better understanding your customer experiences and requirements; and reinvent your brand and culture to deliver the perfect customer service experience. The training program will also disclose The Building Blocks for a Customer-Centric Service Culture and how delegates can strengthen their own customer culture and influence that of other functions.

Program Objectives:

At the end of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Know how to measure the level of customer centricity how to utilize Customer Journey Mapping.

  • Know what the perfect customer service experience looks like for your customers.

  • Know the development of Brand Values and Behaviours.

  • Know how to Implement the Building Blocks for a Customer-Centric Service Culture.

  • Know how to perform on-brand through recruitment, training, support, and discipline.

Targeted Audience:

  • Function and Department Heads.

  • Supervisors.

  • Customer Service Managers and Customer Service Team Leaders and Supervisors.

  • Account and Sales Managers.

  • Marketing Professionals.

  • Customer Service Professionals.

  • Sales Account Managers and Sales Professionals.

Program Outlines:

Unit 1: 

Understanding Your Customer Experience:

  • Defining your current customer service culture and Measuring the level of customer centricity.

  • Intuition is not acceptable. Decisions must be made using quantitative data.

  • How does your organization rate on customer-centricity? Do your customers agree?

  • What does the perfect service experience look like for your customers?

  • Customer Journey Mapping – the key to understanding your customer’s experience.

Unit 2: 

Reinventing Your Customer Experience:

  • Primary and secondary motives for the new culture.

  • Vision and Values – empty words?

  • Developing Brand Values and Behaviours that determine how you do business with your customers and how your employees are managed

  • The path to customer satisfaction, retention, advocacy, and sustained revenue growth.

  • Measure customer-centric culture progress against set targets and the Role Modelling the desired behaviors.

  • Building and maintaining customer and employee trust.

Unit 3: 

The Building Blocks for a Customer-Centric Service Culture:

  • Communication.

  • Skills.

  • Accountability.

  • Systems.

Unit 4: 

Helping Your Employees to Deliver Superb Service:

  • Identify employee competencies that directly reflect brand values.

  • Getting the right people in place with the personality to match the desired culture.

  • Redesign and conduct recruitment and induction programs that reflect the customer-centric vision, values, and strategies.

  • Train, support, reinforce and discipline – soft skills, customer service expectations, and core values.

  • Customer-centric workshops facilitated by senior leaders.

  • Facilitating cross-functional collaboration.

Unit 5:

Actions for You and Your Team to Become More Customer-Centric:

  • Drive a customer experience culture across your area of responsibility.

  • Identify and implement significant changes in customer experiences.

  • Empower everyone to be a customer service leader and Create customer advocates.

  • Develop visual tools to constantly reinforce brand values and behaviors.

  • Act on feedback through Service Improvement Action Teams.

  • Personal service improvement action plan.

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