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Business Brain Train To Achieve Effectiveness



This training program is designed to optimize business performance through a comprehensive understanding of cognitive processes. Through experiential learning and practical exercises, the program equips individuals with the tools to enhance productivity, adaptability, and strategic thinking within the business context.

Program Objectives:

At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Read faster and more efficiently. Tackle reading tasks with more confidence.

  • Combine fast reading, mind-mapping, and memory skills with time management techniques to help handle “information overload”.

  • Develop effective strategies for managing time, priorities, and pressure.

  • Explore and develop new ideas and approaches.

  • Be more confident in your ability to work in groups, to contribute ideas, and to take initiative and responsibility.

  • Understand how to create a “success culture” using “business brain skills”.

Targeted Audience:

  • Managers.

  • Supervisors.

  • Team leaders.

  • Human Resources Employees among all departments.

Program Outlines:

Unit 1:

Brain Skills, Fast Reading and Mind Mapping:

  • Thinking about reading and challenging assumptions.

  • Assessing current reading speed and comprehension.

  • How the brain functions for effective reading and memory.

  • Mechanics of eye-brain coordination in reading.

  • Breaking delusions about reading.

  • Creating a conducive reading environment.

Unit 2:

Reading Strategies and Memory Systems:

  • Theoretical foundations of reading strategies.

  • Increasing reading speed and effectiveness.

  • Practicing reading techniques.

  • Techniques for improving memory retention.

  • Utilizing mind mapping for retention.

  • Memory techniques for remembering numbers.

Unit 3:

Reading at Work, Memory Rhythms, and Thinking in Groups:

  • Varied approaches for reading different materials.

  • Techniques for reading in time-constrained situations.

  • Understanding memory processes and retention strategies.

  • Integrating mind mapping and reading strategies.

  • Collaborative thinking and teamwork skills.

  • Team project: Mind mapping in group settings.

Unit 4:

Time Management and Outcome Planning For Better Results:

  • Utilizing team mind mapping for presentations.

  • Outcome planning for better productivity.

  • Managing time to handle information overload.

  • Extracting key points from reading materials.

  • Choosing between digital and traditional mind mapping tools.

  • Improving listening skills for effective note-taking.

Unit 5:

Problem Solving, Meetings and Planning for Success:

  • Integration of reading, memory, and communication skills.

  • Effective communication in professional settings.

  • Preparation and participation in meetings.

  • Reflective review for real-world application.

  • Planning strategies for success.

  • Implementing research projects for deeper understanding.

Unit 6:

Planning for Success:

  • Review and application of information management tools.

  • Utilizing time management techniques in daily routines.

  • Implementing the 4 Steps to Successful Time management.

  • Managing in-tray tasks efficiently.

  • Overcoming time stealers for productivity.

  • Planning strategies for long-term success.

Unit 7:

Creativity Unplugged:

  • Understanding and fostering creativity.

  • Studying the approaches of modern thinkers.

  • Applying creative problem-solving techniques.

  • Balancing information and creativity for results.

  • Leveraging perception as a business tool.

  • Encouraging diverse perspectives and thinking styles.

Unit 8:

Understanding Groups and Organizations:

  • Understanding organizational functions beyond one's role.

  • Importance of financial literacy in professional settings.

  • Grasping numerical data for better decision-making.

  • Enhancing business acumen for career growth.

  • Techniques for memorizing speeches and public speaking.

  • Collaborative problem-solving in group settings.

  • Group mind mapping project: ‘Dilemma’

  • Results planning (the ORCA strategy)

Unit 9:

Creating a Success Culture:

  • Developing self-confidence and initiative.

  • Assertiveness and effective communication skills.

  • Outcome planning for clear communication.

  • Non-verbal communication through body language.

  • Mastering presentations for impactful communication.

  • Leadership strategies for fostering success culture.

Unit 10:

Managing Personal Effectiveness to Get Results:

  • Managing time and pressure for personal effectiveness.

  • Embracing open-mindedness and continuous learning.

  • Navigating meetings effectively with humor and adaptability.

  • Understanding teamwork dynamics within organizations.

  • Adopting multiple perspectives for better decision-making.

  • Planning for success and implementing feedback for improvement.

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