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Central Bank Digital Currency CBDC



This training program educates on central bank-issued digital currencies' concept, design, and implementation. It equips professionals with the understanding and skills to assess and potentially adopt CBDCs.

Program Objectives:

At the end of this program, participant will be able to:

  • Identify the requirements and circumstances that made the move to a regulated digital currency necessary.

  • Recognize the key technology that will have the biggest impact on the world's banking, financial, and monetary systems.

  • Define various forms of digital currency issued by central banks, including their implementation and compatibility.

  • Identify the benefits and difficulties of constructing a central bank for digital currencies.

  • Compare and contrast the various CBDC projects being carried out globally in terms of technology and cost.

Targeted Audience:

  • VP’s and head of departments.

  • Regulatory authorities directors.

  • Central banks executives.

  • Executives and C-level employees.

  • Digital banking and Innovation teams.

Program Outline:

Unirt 1:

The Road to Central Bank Digital Currency:  

  • What is Money?

  • Transition toward a cashless society.

  • money economics.

  • monetary exclusion.

  • Financial and monetary difficulties.

  • Bitcoin and other digital assets.

Unit 2:

Concepts of Central Bank Digital Currency: 

  • What is CBDC?

  • CBDC models.

  • Design consideration and protocols.

  • Implications for the monetary system.

  • Disintermediation of banks.

  • CBDC governance.

  • Interactive workshop: Design a new CBDC!

Unit 3:

Blockchain: The Revolutionary Technology:

  • Distributed Ledger Technology.

  • Technology for Distributed Ledgers.

  • Describe Blockchain.

  • Blockchain advantages.

  • Different Blockchains.

  • Participatory workshop The game of blockchain.

  • The financial system and blockchain.

  • Spending on blockchain.

Unit 4:

CBDC: Pros, Cons, Challenges & Risks:  

  • Advantages of CBDC.

  • Disadvantages of CBDC.

  • Commercial banks and CBDC: a system redesign?

  • Challenges of interoperability.

  • Security and privacy.

  • Compliance and risk management.

  • Technical challenges.

Unit 5:

Global CBDC Projects and International Landscape: 

  • China: Digital yuan.

  • Bahamas: Sand Dollar.

  • Sweden: E-krona.

  • Saudi Arabia/UAE: Aber.

  • ECB/France: Digital Euro.

  • Discussing multiple central bank CBDC research reports.

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