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Certified Professional Manager CPM



This certified training program develops general and foundational management skills and prepares participants for the MPC assessment and certification. Participants will gain insight into the competencies necessary to lead and manage in today's dynamic workplace. 

Program Objectives:

At the end of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the various management functions and the skills associated with each one of them.

  • Develop key managerial competencies essential in conducting related tasks and activities.

  • Apply a coaching approach to improve performance and maximize results.

  • Distinguish between types of motivational approaches and when to utilize each.

  • Employ a variety of analytical and problem-solving tools and methods when dealing with business challenges.

  • Improve essential leadership habits critical to the success of a professional manager.

Target Audience:

  • Current and aspiring managers seeking professional certification.

  • Supervisors transitioning into managerial roles.

  • Mid-level managers aiming to enhance their skills and credentials.

  • Professionals seeking to formalize their management knowledge and expertise.

  • Individuals aspiring to advance their careers in management positions.

Program Outlines:

Unit 1:

Fundamentals of Management:

  • Defining the organization, management, and the role of professional managers.

  • Exploring the art and science of management, along with ethical considerations and factors impacting managerial functions.

  • Discussing essential managerial functions and the steps involved in planning.

Unit 2:

Managerial Competencies and Styles:

  • Understanding competencies and their significance for professional managers.

  • Reviewing different management styles, factors influencing them, and common reasons for managerial failure.

Unit 3:

Coaching and Motivation:

  • Differentiating coaching from management and understanding its impact on the workplace environment.

  • Exploring key coaching techniques, motivational theories, and strategies for creating a motivating work environment.

Unit 4:

Addressing Business Challenges:

  • Identifying common challenges facing professional managers and adopting a rational approach to problem-solving.

  • Utilizing various business tools to address challenges effectively.

Unit 5:

Leadership in Management:

  • Defining leadership, distinguishing between leaders and managers, and exploring the six levels of leadership.

  • Discussing leadership characteristics and habits of professional managers and developing a Personal Action Plan to integrate leadership principles into management practices.

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