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Certified Sales Manager



This training program is designed to raise the level of expertise in sales management. It focuses on honing advanced skills and knowledge critical for effective leadership within sales teams, it also focuses  on strategic planning, team development, and performance improvement. Through this program, participants will gain the tools necessary to excel at directing and managing sales teams toward success.

Program Objectives:

By the end of this Program, participants will be able to:

  • Elevate expertise in sales management.

  • Hone advanced skills and knowledge for effective leadership within sales teams.

  • Focus on strategic planning, team development, and performance improvement.

  • Equip participants with tools necessary to excel in directing and managing sales teams towards success.

  • Provide a comprehensive understanding of contemporary sales management practices.

Targeted Audience:

  • Sales managers

  • Sales professionals aiming for leadership roles

  • Individuals advancing their careers in sales leadership

  •  Professionals committed to mastering sales management skills

Program Outlines:

Unit 1.

Essential sales management skills:

  • Understand the fundamentals of sales leadership.

  • Develop effective communication strategies for leading sales teams.

  • Learn techniques for setting and achieving sales targets.

  • Explore methods for motivating and coaching sales representatives.

  • Gain insights into performance evaluation and feedback.

Unit 2.

strategic sales planning:

  • Learn to analyze market trends and customer behavior.

  • Develop strategic sales plans aligned with organizational objectives.

  • Identify target markets and segments for sales growth.

  • Explore pricing strategies and product positioning techniques.

  • Implement sales forecasting and budgeting processes.

Unit 3.

Team building and development:

  • Understand the importance of team dynamics in sales success.

  • Develop strategies for building cohesive and high-performing sales teams.

  • Learn effective hiring and onboarding practices for sales representatives.

  • Explore techniques for fostering collaboration and synergy within sales teams.

  • Develop skills for resolving conflicts and managing performance issues.

Unit 4.

Sales process optimization:

  • Analyze and streamline the sales process for efficiency.

  • Identify and eliminate bottlenecks in the sales pipeline.

  • Implement technology tools and automation to enhance sales productivity.

  • Explore best practices for lead management and conversion optimization.

  • Develop strategies for continuous improvement and adaptation in the sales process.

Unit 5.

Performance management and metrics:

  • Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) for sales teams.

  • Implement systems for tracking and measuring sales performance.

  • Learn techniques for interpreting sales data and identifying trends.

  • Develop strategies for recognizing and rewarding sales achievements.

  • Explore methods for addressing underperformance and driving continuous improvement.

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