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Change Management Strategies and Conflict Resolution



Take a step in the right way with this thorough, industry-standard Change Management and Conflict Resolution course created by knowledgeable professors if you want to further your dream career and obtain a strong understanding of these topics.

The core of this Change Management Strategies and Conflict Resolution Training course involves using dependable techniques to assess your individual conflict-resolution style, and we'll coach you through any problems that emerge as a result of the test results.

We make use of the well-known Thomas Kilmann (TKI) Conflict Resolution Instrument in this in-depth and enlightening workshop. All elite organizations have used this technology to build cooperative teams for top performance.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the primary sources of conflict.
  • Investigate and comprehend the origins of disputes.
  • describing effective ways to handle conflict
  • Develop efficient communication techniques to boost teamwork and production.
  • Create and carry out practical communication action strategies.
  • Recognize the essential factors for long-lasting change.
  • Recognize the necessity of accepting accountability for driving change.
  • Learn the skills necessary to lead change.
  • Become more self-aware and realize your full leadership potential.
  • Manage interpersonal interactions quickly, demonstrating mastery in all areas from level one through level four.

Targeted Audience

  • All Managers and Leaders who wish to enhance their competencies in change management
  • All Human Resource (HR) Personnel
  • Leaders & Supervisors who need to take charge of – and resolve – conflicts or difficult situations that could have a negative impact on performance, effectiveness and relationships
  • Junior / Middle Managers new to their role, or with experience but little previous training

Course Outline

Unit 1: Viewing Conflict in Context

  • Motives for why disagreements arise
  • An individual's perspective on conflict and resolution
  • emotions present in a scenario of conflict
  • recognizing and resolving the causes of conflict escalation
  • What does the term "conflict management" mean?
  • When and where do conflicts occur?
  • How to manage conflicts effectively.
  • The Communication Bridge is an exercise.
  • How can miscommunication be avoided?
  • Our response to a disagreement.

Unit 2: Change Management

  • Exercise for Change: The Ball.
  • Personal development and change techniques.
  • The curves of change.
  • creating lasting change.
  • The eight steps of Kotter for lasting change.
  • a change's five stages.
  • Burning Platform
  • Change Exercise: Take a Chance!

Unit 3:  Conflict Resolution

  • The Thomas Kilmann (TKI) Conflict Resolution Instrument
  • Exercise: Building collaboration quickly and easily
  • Exercise: A Trip to the Theatre!
  • Exercise: Win as Much as You Can!
  • The 2 types of communication
  • DVD The Ten Most Difficult Types
  • The 4 results of every communication

Unit 4: Developing the Core Skills Needed to Successfully Prevent and Resolve Conflict

  • Communicating effectively as a means of preventing and managing conflict
  •  Active listening
  •  Adapting to individual Personality Types as a conflict resolution skill
  •  Applying assertiveness skills to resolve conflict

Unit 5: Personal and Organisational Conflict Resolution Skills

  • Examining a personal conflict situation
  •  Applying conflict resolution skills to a personal conflict situation
  •  Identifying preferred conflict handling styles
  •  Conflict solving options (and when to use them)
  •  Additional strategies for reducing specific conflict

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