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CIPP Certified International Procurement Professional



This program is designed to prepare participants for the certification exam only.

This training program is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in global procurement environments. It empowers them to navigate complex procurement challenges with confidence and achieve success in their careers.

Program Objectives:

At the end of this training program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the principles and standards of international procurement.

  • Implement best practices in global sourcing and supplier management.

  • Navigate international trade regulations and compliance requirements.

  • Develop strategic procurement plans aligned with organizational goals.

  • Enhance negotiation skills for effective contract management.

  • Utilize technology and data analytics for procurement optimization.

  • Demonstrate ethical conduct and integrity in procurement practices.

  • Prepare for the CIPP certification exam with confidence.

Targeted Audience:

  • Procurement professionals aspiring to advance their careers in international procurement.

  • Supply chain managers seeking to enhance their knowledge of global sourcing and trade.

  • Contract managers responsible for managing international procurement contracts.

  • Business professionals involved in cross-border procurement activities.

  • Individuals preparing to obtain the CIPP certification to validate their expertise in international procurement.

Unit 1:

Fundamentals of International Procurement:

  • Overview of international procurement principles and standards.

  • Understanding global supply chain dynamics and challenges.

  • International trade agreements and regulatory frameworks.

  • Cross-cultural considerations in global procurement practices.

  • Case studies on successful international procurement strategies.

Unit 2:

Global Sourcing and Supplier Management:

  • Developing global sourcing strategies for cost optimization and risk management.

  • Supplier selection criteria and evaluation methodologies.

  • Supplier relationship management (SRM) best practices.

  • Contract negotiation strategies for international procurement.

  • Tools and techniques for managing global supplier networks.

Unit 3:

International Trade Regulations and Compliance:

  • Overview of import/export regulations and trade compliance requirements.

  • Incoterms and their implications on international trade transactions.

  • Tariffs, duties, and trade barriers affecting global procurement.

  • Compliance with international standards and certifications.

  • Risk mitigation strategies for navigating trade compliance challenges.

Unit 4:

Strategic Procurement Planning:

  • Aligning procurement strategies with organizational goals and objectives.

  • Category management and strategic sourcing approaches.

  • Developing procurement policies and procedures for international operations.

  • Supply chain risk assessment and mitigation planning.

  • Strategic procurement planning for sustainability and resilience.

Unit 5:

Negotiation Skills for Contract Management:

  • Principles of effective negotiation in an international procurement context.

  • Techniques for building rapport and trust in cross-cultural negotiations.

  • Contract terms and conditions negotiation strategies.

  • Dispute resolution mechanisms in international procurement contracts.

  • Post-contract negotiation relationship management.

  • Preparation for the certification exam.

Note: This program is designed to prepare participants for the certification exam only.

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