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Climate Finance, Climate Change Resilience, and Application to PPP Projects



Climate Finance is a training course for government officials from the ministries of finance, planning, and the environment. The goal of the training was to improve the government's ability to manage climate funding better. Participants received instruction on how to obtain, mobilize, and distribute international and domestic climate financing.

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Climate finance definitions and sources
  • Climate financing and development finance
  • Climate change policy responses at the international and national levels
  • National climate finance: channels, on-budget, off-budget
  • Budget analysis tools
  • International climate finance
  • Subnational climate finance
  • Public-private climate finance

Target Audience

  • GCF direct access entities (DAEs), organizations interested in or currently in the process of accreditation for GCF;
  • Experts in ministries or public bodies working in areas related to the environment, finance, or specific sectors;
  • Private sector entities, especially financial institutions;
  • Non-governmental bodies, and civil society organizations are interested in climate finance.

Course Outlines

Unit 1

  • Introduction to Climate Policy and Public Finance
  • Climate policy and public finance Reflections, questions and clarifications
  • Climate Change Policy at the International and National Level
  • National Climate Finance Channels
  • Climate Finance Peer-to-Peer Learning Network

Unit 2

  • Tools for Budget Analysis
  • Climate Finance in a Global Context IDCOL gives a presentation as a guest lecturer

Unit 3

  • Objectives, and Expectations:
  • Managing funds at the national and sub-national levels
  • Managing climate finance at the policy level
  • Managing funds by the national government
  • Tracking expenditure of climate change fund
  • Integrating climate finance into the budget process
  • Managing funds at the national and sub-national levels
  • Managing climate finance at the policy level

Unit 4

  • Managing funds by the national government
  • Partnerships between the public and private sectors
  • Climate Finance at the Subnational Level

Unit 5:

  • Climate Mainstreaming Government Group
  • Work Plan Development
  • Delivery on Project Finance
  • Delivery on PPP Projects

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