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Competencies: Design, Development and Implementation



It has become increasing important to be able to objectively assess the competency of personnel with an organisation, whether for reviews, interviews, recruitment assessment, promotion, performance management, or to assess their technical capability, as well as using these to define talent and high potential. This training course has been specifically tailored to aid those who have to design, develop, implement or assess people using Competency Framework systems within their organisation. This highly interactive and engaging training course on Competencies will provide participants with the desired knowledge, understanding and practical skills to design, develop, utilise and assess Competencies and Competency Frameworks in their organisation. You will learn the key terminology related to competency systems, how to develop and refine your system, as well as the key factors involved with implementing this into the organisation culture. Also, you will learn how to identify the gap between actual competency and the required competency and to bring the employees awareness to the required level.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Understand and define competency and competencies

  • Apply techniques to develop, design and implement a business competency framework system for the organisation (Technical/Behavioural)

  • Objectively assess employees to identify the gap between actual competency and the required competency and to bring the employees awareness to the required level

  • Create and write competency terms for the framework, whether behavioural or technical

  • Utilise the framework for recruitment, assessment identification and development purposes

Targeted Audience

  • Human resources personnel

  • Learning and development personnel

  • Talent development specialists

  • Line managers

Course Outline

Unit 1: Designing the Competency System

  • Why have a framework? Defining the Business Purpose

  • ‘Competency / Competencies’ and ‘Competence / Competences’

  • Aligning the Required Competencies to Business Objectives and Strategy

  • Framework Structure: Technical or Behavioural – Specific or generic?

  • Data Gathering Methods

  • Utilization of the System: On-line or Paper-based?

Unit 2: Developing the Competency Framework System

  • Consideration of Assessment Factors

  • Creating and Writing the Framework Terminology

  • Examples of Frameworks: Keep It Simple

  • Testing and Calibrating the Competency Framework

  • Review the Framework: Continual Improvement

Unit 3: Behavioural Frameworks: Design and Development

  • Identification of the Behaviours to Measure

  • Defining the Behavioural Competency Criteria and Levels

  • Methods of Assessment and Utilisation: Psychometrics

  • Competency Requirements of People to Assess

Unit 4: Technical Frameworks: Design and Development

  • Defining the Technical Behaviours to be Measured

  • Measurement Methods, Levels and Assessment

  • Technical Data Gathering and Assessment

  • Competency Requirements of People to Assess

Unit 5: Implementation and Assessment of the System

  • Utilising the Frameworks for Recruitment, Assessment and Development

  • Implementation Strategy Plan

  • Communication Plan to Ensure Full-cooperation and Buy-in

  • Developing a Training Strategy of those Using the System

  • Review and Feedback of the System

  • Next Steps

  • Presentation of { CMMS } Programs.

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