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Concrete Coating Inspector CCI Level 1



This program is designed to prepare participants for the certification exam only.

This training program is designed to provide participants with foundational knowledge and practical skills essential for inspecting concrete coatings. It empowers them to ensure the quality and durability of concrete structures through proficient inspection practices.

Program Objectives:

At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of concrete coating inspection.

  • Develop skills in identifying and evaluating coating defects.

  • Learn techniques for surface preparation and coating application.

  • Gain insights into industry standards and best practices.

  • Enhance capabilities in conducting thorough and accurate inspections.

  • Prepare for successful completion for the Certification Exam.

Targeted Audience:

  • Coating Inspectors.

  • Quality Control Professionals.

  • Maintenance Technicians.

  • Civil Engineers.

  • Construction Supervisors.

  • Concrete Specialists.

Program Outline:

Unit 1:

Introduction to Concrete Coating Inspection:

  • Overview of concrete coating inspection principles and practices.

  • Importance of concrete coatings in protecting structures.

  • Roles and responsibilities of a concrete coating inspector.

  • Key terms and definitions in coating inspection.

  • Case studies on effective concrete coating inspection.

Unit 2:

Surface Preparation and Coating Application:

  • Techniques for preparing concrete surfaces for coating.

  • Understanding different types of concrete coatings and their applications.

  • Methods for applying coatings to concrete surfaces.

  • Common tools and equipment used in coating application.

Unit 3:

Inspection Techniques and Defect Identification:

  • Techniques for inspecting concrete coatings.

  • Identifying common coating defects and failures.

  • Tools and instruments used for coating inspection.

  • Procedures for conducting visual and non-destructive inspections.

  • Real-world examples of defect identification and analysis.

Unit 4:

Industry Standards and Best Practices:

  • Overview of industry standards and guidelines for concrete coating inspection.

  • Understanding ASTM, ISO, and other relevant standards.

  • Best practices for ensuring coating quality and durability.

  • Documenting and reporting inspection findings.

Unit 5:

Certification Preparation and Career Development:

  • Review of key concepts and principles covered in the program.

  • Tips and strategies for successful exam performance.

  • Exploring career opportunities and advancement in coating inspection.

  • Guidance on continuing education and professional development.

  • Preparing for the Concrete Coating Inspector CCI Level 1 certification exam.

Note: This program is designed to prepare participants for the certification exam only.

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