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Conference: Fundamentals of Shifting from the Cash System to the Accrual System Using a Computer



Given the importance of moving from the cash basis to the accrual system in a smooth and simple manner, this training course shows the foundations of the transition from the cash system to the accrual system using the computer.

The cash basis accounting is based on the movement of cash only, but accrual accounting records revenues when they are achieved and expenses when they occur instead of recording them when the relevant cash amounts are received or paid, adding accrual accounting recording for assets, liabilities, and equity {net assets}.

Course Objectives

At the end of this conference the participants will be able to:

  • Shift from the application of the modified monetary system to the accrual system.
  • Gain the advantages of accounting based on the accrual system.
  • Gain the foundations of measurement in accounting.
  • Valuing of the Fixed asset.
  • Prepare financial statements in government units
  • Apply cost accounting in government units.

Targeted Audience

  • Internal and external auditors.
  • Accountants and those working in financial management and those interested in preparing and analyzing financial statements.
  • Persons engaged in credit analysis activities in banks who are involved in analyzing the financial statements of establishments.
  • Responsible for following up and collecting customer accounts.
  • Those working in the field of financial planning and budgeting.
  • Anyone who finds himself in need of this course and wants to develop his skills and experience.

Course Outline

Unit 1: The foundations of measurement in accounting:

  • Monetary basis {concept - advantages - disadvantages}.
  • Accrual basis {concept - advantages - disadvantages}.
  • Modified monetary basis {concept - advantages - disadvantages}.

Stages of applying the accrual basis in government units:

  • Immediate application of the accrual basis {advantages - disadvantages}.
  • Gradual application of the accrual basis {advantages - disadvantages}.
  • The proposed method for applying the accrual basis in the United Arab Emirates.

Unit 2: Valuation of fixed assets for the purpose of applying the accrual basis in government units:

  • Cash assets.
  • Natural origins.
  • Intangible assets.

Unit 3: Applying the criterion of price changes when valuing fixed assets:

  • The historical cost method modified for changes in general price levels.
  • The current cost method or current market selling prices.

Unit 4: Preparing financial statements in government units:

  • Income list.
  • Statement of financial position.
  • Statement of Cash Flows.

Unit 5: The application of cost accounting in government units:

  • Common costs between government units.
  • Transfer rates of services between government units.
  • Cost theory to be used.

Training methods:

  • Theoretical lectures.
  • Oral discussion.
  • Acting roles.
  • Practical applications, cases and exercises.

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