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Construction Project Management



You will be in charge of overseeing the entire lifecycle of the construction project as the project manager. This entails overseeing the entire development process, from the initial client requirements-gathering phase through the design, procurement, and construction phases, to the last-mile handover. Your capacity to assure the successful completion of projects will increase if you are competent in this area.

You will learn about each stage and the crucial steps inside it through this course. This covers everything from initial feasibility studies to design, construction, maintenance, renovation, and destruction, as well as how to plan, organize, and oversee construction operations. Every piece of information is intended to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of construction project management and the fundamental abilities needed to manage a construction project.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Recognize your clients' and stakeholders' demands and manage them while reporting to them.
  • Recognize the project's statutory and contractual restrictions.
  • Be aware of the difficulties a project manager faces at every stage of a construction project, and the requirements that they must meet.
  • Use efficient cost control and reporting techniques during the project's building phase
  • Apply risk analysis and management strategies to a project.

Targeted Audience

  • Those who are employed in the construction project management sector and who want to acquire the fundamental information and abilities needed in the field
  • people who require a thorough comprehension of how to handle a construction project

Course Outline

Unit 1: Project Development


Unit 2: The Legal Perspective


Unit 3: The Construction Process


Unit 4: Leading Projects, People and Teams


Unit 5: Contract Management and Managing Projects

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