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Consumption Tax



The Consumption Tax training program provides a focused understanding of consumption-based taxation systems, including VAT and GST. Participants learn practical strategies for compliance and optimization within these tax frameworks.

Program Objectives:

At the end of this program, the participants will learn about:

  • Make a consumption tax calculation.

  • Describe the purpose of an invoice and the information that it contains.

  • Learn to write and interpret credit notes.

  • Describe a statement's major points and intended audience.

  • Practice cross-teaching exercises and case studies.

  • Describe the procedure and paperwork involved in the purchase.

  • Be familiar with how to write and understand a purchase invoice

  • Reconcile your creditors using an example.

Targeted Audience:

  • Tax payers, advisors, consultants, and enforcement agencies.

  • Fiscal auditors.

  • Legal advice and attorneys.

  • General tax professionals.

  • Tax experts working for advising firms.

  • Novices in the trade and commercial industries.

  • Government employees.

  • Internal tax managers or directors.

  • Monetary analysts.

Program Outline:



  • Sales tax definition.

  • Fundamentals of sales tax.

  • How to Calculate Sales Tax.

  • Sales tax case study.


Understanding consumption taxes:

  • Valuation Added Tax (VAT).

  • Excise Tax and Goods and Services Tax (GST).

  • Import taxes.

  • Tax on Retail Sales.

  • Income Tax vs. Consumption Tax.



  • Sales invoices.

  • Preparing invoices with and without trade discount.

  • Sales invoices with settlement discount.

  • Sales Credit Notes.

  • Case Study- Prepare invoices and credits for Jakes Palace.



  • The Purchasing process and checking invoices.

  • Case Study – Check a purchase invoice.

  • Coding invoices.

  • Coding invoices samples.

  • Case Study – Coding invoices.


How to calculate sales tax and how to collect it:

  • Think about if you should include taxes in your prices on your website.

  • Apply taxes at checkout.

  • Calculate and collect in the US.

  • Calculate and collect in the EU.

  • Calculate and collect in other countries.

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