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Coordination and Target Setting



This training program is designed to empower managers and project leaders with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively coordinate team efforts and establish clear, achievable objectives. By mastering coordination techniques and target-setting strategies, attendees will be equipped to drive success and maximize productivity within their teams and projects.

Pogram Objectives:

At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Effectively coordinate team efforts to achieve common goals.

  • Develop clear and measurable objectives aligned with organizational targets.

  • Implement strategies for tracking progress, adjusting targets as needed, and optimizing team performance.

  • Foster a collaborative environment conducive to achieving shared objectives.

  • Utilize tools and techniques for effective communication, delegation, and accountability within their teams.

Targeted Audience:

  • Managers and team leaders responsible for coordinating projects and setting strategic objectives.

  • Project managers seeking to enhance their skills in aligning team efforts with organizational goals.

  • Professionals involved in performance management and goal setting within their respective teams or departments.

Program Outline:

Unit 1:

Administrative Operations and Coordinators at Work:

  • Defining the tasks, skills, and mindsets to be great at the job.

  • Managing your roles, relationships, resources and responsibilities.

  • Motivating yourself and others to achieve excellence at work.

  • Managing your time and tasks effectively.

  • Thinking like a manager and leader – Changing your self-image.

Unit 2:

Working with Others:

  • Excellent E-communications – From emails to online meetings.

  • Assertive communication – Express yourself with confidence and consideration for others.

  • Dealing with difficult people and situations.

  • Personality types at work.

  • Emotional intelligence.

  • Staying calm in a crisis.

Unit 3:

Introduction to Goal Setting

  • Know yourself better.

  • Setting SMART goals.

Unit 4:

Long-term & short-term goals:

  • Long-term goals.

  • Short-term goals.

  • Goal Setting.

Unit 5:

Action Plans and Schedule:

  • Planning: Action Plans.

  • Maintaining a Schedule.

  • Changing Paradigms.

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