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Corrosion Control Management On Upstream Production Pipelines & Facilities



This unique program provides the participant with a multi-discipline understanding of Corrosion Control in Oil Production, Refining, and Down-Stream Industries - Technologies, Work Methods, Safety Issues, Planning, and Management.

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • learn about Metallurgy and Corrosion Control Practices:
    • Technology
    • Standards
    • Methodology
    • Processes
    • Planning
    • Maintenance
    • Safety
    • Management

Targeted Audience:

All professionals working on or coordinating with Corrosion Control & Management in your Upstream Facilities. You could be working in Operations, Maintenance, Safety, Design, or Audit. You will take away a good multi-discipline understanding of the issues involved in their work. The program will help new professionals become productive quickly and help build in more experienced professionals a knowledge framework that will help them identify, understand, classify and remember program discussed technology, they're on the job learning, and experiences.

This program can be used to train corrosion design or improvement implementation teams when a new improvement project or initiative is being started in your plant.

Course Outlines:

Unit 1:

  • Understand the Deterioration of metals by corrosion or a combination of corrosion and other adverse factors
  • How to Conduct Oil Production Facility Environmental Conditions Affecting Corrosion...
    • Studies
    • Monitor
    • Reports
    • Recommend Solutions

Unit 2:

  • How to Coordinate corrosion control activities with
    • Operations
    • Maintenance
    • Engineering and
    • Contractor
  • Industry Standard Terminology

Unit 3:

  • Technology
  • Industry Standards
  • Methodologies and Procedures Used
  • Flow Charting of Work Processes

Unit 4:

  • Planning Issues
  • Safety Issues
  • Management Concerns
  • Implementing Improvements

Unit 5:

  • Quality Assurance TQM Issues
  • Conduct
    • Cathodic protection surveys,
    • Corrosion rate measurements,
    • Material identification and
    • Mechanical testing.

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