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Course: Advanced Trends in Reviewing Contracts and Contractual Responsibility



It is certain that the stages of the contract are surrounded by many procedural aspects and practical problems that the specialists must take note of in all their details. In addition to the foregoing, the careful and extensive study of the practical applications of the most famous contracts concluded by the administration, whether public utility contracts, public works contracts or supply contracts, is of great importance. In order to be aware of all the administrative and legal aspects related to these contracts, as well as knowing the challenges related to technology contracts is essential for any technical or non-technical institution, so it is necessary to use websites to review contracts to know the items that must be included in the contracts.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Refute the risks related to contracting and contractors.
  • Adjust contracts and mitigating losses in conjunction with management.
  • Develop the necessary inputs to review contracts for cost recovery.
  • Detect different types of contracts.
  • Double the return on source contract review.

Targeted Audience

  • Legal advisors in government departments.
  • Corporate legal advisors.
  • Legal affairs managers.

Course Outline

Unit 1:

  • Introduction to contract auditing
  • Evaluation of contract review work.
  • Common problems in contracting and obstacles to reviewing contracts.
  • Understand disclosures in various contract types and understand opportunities.
  • Understand disclosures in contracts.
  • Contract review results.
  • Determine the objectives and strategy of contract review.

Unit 2:

  • Contract review planning.
  • Determine the material to be reviewed.
  • Review Plan - Preliminary View.
  • Checklist for developing a contract review program.

Unit 3:

  • Contract review costs.
  • Audit costs and common cost exclusions.
  • Determine costs.
  • Costs included in profit transfers to cover losses.

Unit 4:

  • controls and the current business climate.
  • Implications of the current business climate.
  • Why do we place controls on contract details?
  • Gifts and entertainment related to contracts.

Unit 5:

  • Understanding the challenges related to technology contracts.
  • The use of technology in reviewing contracts.
  • Use of Internet sites to review contracts, selected specialist areas and proposals.
  • Return and sales contracts.
  • Contracts and other miscellaneous topics.
  • Items to be included in contracts The implications of fraud in reviewing contracts.
  • Understanding contract fraud.
  • Contents of fraud in reviewing contracts.
  • Application of the entrance steps in the detection of fraud in the review of contracts.
  • Items to be included in the fraud detection policy.

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