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Customer Experience Perfection for Modern Managers



This is training program is for modern managers who want to know why, what, and how to implement amazing customer experience whilst looking for practical and valuable solutions. During training, managers will find pragmatic ways to improve their customers’ experience and utilize customer intelligence to competitive advantage. They will also benefit from practical ideas and real-life examples.

Program Objectives:

At the end of this program the participants will be able to: 

  • Understand the customer experience framework.

  • Develop a strategic approach for implementing CX.

  • Gain knowledge of customer journeys.

  • Learn how to employ and motivate a CX team.

  • Learn how to create a customer-focused culture.

Targeted Audience:

  • Customer Experience Managers / Directors / Officers.

  • Head of Customer Service Department and Customer Relationship Managers.

  • Customer Service Department Managers / Supervisors.

  • Customer Satisfaction Managers / Directors / Supervisors.

  • Account Managers / Team Leaders / Team Managers .

  • Other managers required to understand customer experience.

Program Outlines:

Unit 1: 

Essentials of Customer Experience Management (CXM):

  • The five steps of CXM framework.

  • The roles and responsibilities of a customer-focused manager.

  • Adopting new technologies to maximize impact on CX.

  • Essentials of profitable customer experience.

  • Facets of customer experience.

  • The seven core elements of great CX.

Unit 2:

Developing Customer Experience Strategy for Business:

  • Ten principals behind great customer experience.

  • Creating your value proposition.

  • Conducting customer research for benchmarking.

  • Evolving and transforming CX

  • Practical steps for implementing CX innovation.

Unit 3: 

Designing and Measuring Customer Experience:

  • Understanding clients’ needs and expectations.

  • Designing customer experiences: custom loyalty matrix.

  • Mapping the customer journey.

  • Understanding emotions in customer experience.

  • Key customer metrics and effective measuring.

Unit 4: 

Hiring Top Customer Service Personnel:

  • Using the BEST approach for hiring CX team.

  • Building CX Knowledge in the workforce.

  • Managing your CX Team.

  • Recognizing and rewarding performance.

  • Equipping and supporting teams for success.

Unit 5: 

Creating a Customer-Focused Organisation:

  • The role and responsibility of the customer-focused organization.

  • Organizational requirements for SXM.

  • Creating a customer-focused corporate culture.

  • Customer experience vs. employee Experience.

  • Best Practices - Xerox’ Five Pillars of a customer-focused strategy.

  • Action plan.

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