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Customer Satisfaction Improvement Action Planning



Customers always were the life-blood of any enterprise. The rise of Internet technologies and especially Social Media has re-shaped the entire business environment, destroying many traditional points of Strategic Differentiation and making the Customer Experience, the central point of their Strategy. Customer Experience is the last sustainable Strategic Battleground. To survive in this New World, companies must use skills, tools, and techniques to ensure the Customer’s Experience is front and center in their proposition.

The strategic goal for any enterprise must be to understand what the customer decides is quality and then to be able to produce and deliver that quality in a consistent, cost-effective manner.

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Describe how to use Quality Management tools and methods
  • Build strong customer relationships
  • Help influence and set customer expectations
  • Measure their own degree of customer focus and be able to apply a variety of methods to get closer to the customer
  • Implement improved people skills to enhance customer service
  • Improve service to internal customers as well as external customers
  • Use skills to build effective relationships
  • Develop Strategies and Skills for harnessing Internet and Social Media tools to create and maintain meaningful and sustainable relationships with Customers

Targeted Audience:

  • Directors and those responsible for Profitable growth within the Organization.
  • All business professionals in customer-facing positions or with specific responsibilities for Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction
  • Personnel new to the role, as well as more experienced officers seeking to examine and enhance their service quality and customer satisfaction skills
  • Marketing professionals looking for a compelling strategic edge in the market
  • Team leaders looking to relate to their teams and to higher management

Course Outlines:

Unit 1: 

  • Major Practical Issues
  • Industry Standard Terminology
  • Industry Methodologies, Standards Best Practices
  • Business Mapping of Operations
  • Flow Charts
  • Quality Assurance TQM Issues

Unit 2: 

  • Measuring the True Satisfaction Levels of Your Internal External Customers
  • How to analyze customer satisfaction?
  • How to set service standards?
  • How to grade customer expectations?
  • How to realign company structure?

Unit 3: 

  • How to assess performance and move forward?
  • Define customer needs to assess how well you meet them
  • Evaluate competitor strengths and customer ratings
  • Compare your capabilities with customer expectations
  • Analyze cost, benefits, and risks

Unit 4: 

  • Pick an improvement team
  • Prioritize opportunities
  • Target results
  • Allocate resources.
  • Planning Issues

Unit 5: 

  • Program Specific Technology Issues
  • Program Specific Information Technology Issues
  • Management Issues
  • Management Information Needs and Related Systems
  • Implementing Improvements

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