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Data Science for Executives



Data Science for Executives is an intensive, five-day learning experience that expertly integrates academic theory and hands-on, practical business application of the concepts and ideas explored. You will explore the concepts using contemporary case studies, demonstrations, group work discussion and highly interactive sessions with faculty. You also benefit from a full glossary of terms and vocabulary and direct access to four expert practitioner guest speakers who will present work from a variety of applied fields in data science.

Statistical analysis and data management are transforming decision-making in just about every field of private and public life. But how do you distinguish between good data science and bad? This fast-paced, intensive program gives you a comprehensive, non-practitioner grounding in data science, data analytics and machine learning. You will also explore its real-world application across business, government and law. Emerge with the understanding and vocabulary to assess quantitative evidence, design big data studies and make more intelligent, data-driven decisions.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, the participants will be able to:

  • Gain a comprehensive, top-level understanding of the core concepts and methods of data science, including data management, data analysis, machine learning and statistical learning.
  • Acquire practical knowledge of the core material and its application in the fields of business, government and law.
  • Learn how to design new studies using big data and data scientific tools and gain a thorough awareness of the core issues in designing new data scientific studies.
  • Use data science to make better, more intelligent decisions that deliver positive impact for your organization.
  • Accelerate your in-house expertise and understanding of the benefits, uses and application of data science to enhance decision-making within the organization.
  • Develop the capacity to roll out studies using big data and leverage actionable insights for critical business decisions.
  • Gain unique access to the research and expertise of distinguished LSE faculty.
  • Leverage a diverse range of perspectives from a cohort of senior executives and decision-makers from a breadth of industries, sectors and geographies.

Targeted Audience

  • Senior decision-makers from a range of industries who want to make better data-driven decisions.
  • Senior executives looking to integrate good data management practices into their business strategies.
  • Professionals working in industries concerned with regulatory affairs, privacy and data protection laws.
  • Executives who want to update their understanding of the role of machine learning and AI in data management.

Course Outline

Unit 1: Introduction to data science

  • Overview of the course, decision making and data science
  • Foundations of data science
  • Interpreting data science
  • Result discussion I: Interpreting data science
  • Result discussion II: Interpreting data science

Unit 2: Machine learning and AI

  • Interpreting machine learning
  • Result discussion: Interpreting machine learning
  • Effective Visual Communication for Data Science

Unit 3: Text mining and natural language processing

  • Text mining and data science
  • Text mining and frontiers of data science
  • Group exercise: Text mining
  • Result discussion group exercise: Text mining

Unit 4: Data Regulation & Management

  • Data governance and ethical considerations
  • Handling security and privacy issues
  • Handling security and privacy issues: Data regulation frameworks
  • Challenges of data protection & privacy
  • Recruiting, working in and managing a data science team

Unit 5: Eliciting opinion, mind map and wrap up

  • Eliciting and measuring opinion
  • Results discussion: Eliciting and measuring Measuring opinion
  • Mind maps of concepts
  • Result discussion Wrap up

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