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Developing Consultant Level Capability in Implementing ISO-14001 Environment Management Standard



ISO 14001:2015 – Environment Management System enhances the organization’s environmental performance requirements. ISO 14001 Certification defines that part of management systems that manage environmental aspects helps achieve compliance and legal obligations and addresses risks and opportunities. 

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Implement, maintain and improve an environmental management system;
  • Assure itself of its conformance with its stated environmental policy;
  • Demonstrate such conformance to others;
  • Seek certification/registration of its environmental management system by an external organization;
  • Make a self-determination and self-declaration of conformance with this International Standard.

Targeted Audience:

  • Textile Industry
  • Paper Industry
  • Mining Industry
  • Renewable Energy sector 
  • Automobile Industry
  • Petro-Chemical Industry 

Course Outlines:

Unit 1: Environmental Management System (EMS) Principles And Elements, Commitment And Policy:

Unit 2: Commitment And Policy:

  • Top Management Commitment And Leadership
  • Initial Environmental Review
  • Environmental Policy
  • Planning
  • Identification Of Environmental Aspects And Evaluation Of Associated Environmental Impact
  • Evaluate the Significance Of Impacts
  • Legal And Other Requirements
  • Internal Performance Criteria
  • Environmental Objectives And Targets
  • Environmental Management Program

Unit 3: Implementation:

  • Ensuring Capability
  • Resources - Human, Physical, And Financial
  • EMS Alignment And Integration
  • Accountability And Responsibility
  • Environmental awareness and motivation
  • Knowledge, skills, and training
  • Support action
  • Communication and reporting
  • EMS documentation
  • Operational control
  • Emergency preparedness and response

Unit 4: Measurement and Evaluation:

  • Measuring and monitoring (ongoing performance)
  • Corrective and preventive action
  • EMS records and information management
  • Audits of the environmental management system

Unit 5: Review and Improvement:

  • Review of the environmental management system
  • Continual improvement

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