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Developing Professional Skills



This training program is designed to equip participants with the essential abilities to lead effectively, inspire innovation, and foster entrepreneurial thinking. Through a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills development, participants learn to cultivate creativity, motivate teams, and navigate the complexities of modern business environments.

Program Objectives:

At the end of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Develop leadership skills and inject passion to motivate people, fostering a culture of innovation within the organization.

  • Encourage thinking outside the box and cultivate creativity while managing it effectively to drive enterprise growth.

  • Gain a better understanding of leading others towards innovation and deepen personal insights on cultivating creativity within the organization.

  • Enhance the ability to motivate employees, increase productivity, and build group cohesion and rapport.

  • Improve leadership skills, develop confidence in interpersonal dealings, and apply emotional intelligence to understand others better.

  • Utilize knowledge of behavior styles to enhance leadership effectiveness and encourage innovative abilities, aiding in the development of effective change management strategies.

Targeted Audience:

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to develop their leadership abilities and innovative thinking to establish and grow successful ventures.

  • Established business leaders aiming to refine their leadership skills and foster a culture of innovation within their organizations.

  • Professionals seeking to enhance their entrepreneurial mindset and adaptability in the rapidly changing business landscape.

  • Organizations looking to invest in the development of their employees' leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurial competencies to drive growth and competitiveness.

Program Outlines:

Unit 1:

Successful Leadership Styles:

  • Inspirational leadership.

  • Power of Influence.

  • Understanding and developing others.

  • Proactive Leadership.

  • Delegation as a leadership style

  • Motivational leadership.

Unit 2:

Driving Radical Innovation:

  • Lateral thinking.

  • Systemic innovation.

  • Leveraging the power of diversity.

  • Cultivating creativity.

  • Managing change creatively.

  • Implementing innovation.

Unit 3:

Entrepreneurial Leadership:

  • Optimizing your personal leadership strengths.

  • Becoming an environmental change agent.

  • Developing personal empowerment.

  • Using transformational vocabulary.

  • Maximizing essential communication principles.

  • Understanding the 3 major levels of communication.

Unit 4:

Accountable Communication:

  • What is accountability?

  • Improving personal credibility.

  • Leading with integrity.

  • Sharpen your communication skills.

  • Listening with the heart.

  • Inspiring and guiding the team.

Unit 5:

Developing Emotionally Intelligent Organizations:

  • Building bonds.

  • Cooperation & team building.

  • Forging emotionally intelligent teams.

  • Resolving conflicts using emotional intelligence.

  • Organizational awareness.

  • Leading emotionally intelligent organizations.

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