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Development of Human Resources Management Systems and Staff Motivation Systems



Developing government or private institutions, improving performance and developing human resources capacities are among the fundamental goals sought by institutions through planned and thoughtful change. Today, these institutions face a range of challenges and threats related to efficiency, effectiveness and profitability, as well as challenges related to the renewable environment, high competition, globalization, overall quality, balanced performance, team building, attention to creativity and excellence, changing customer desires and levels of ambition. There is a challenge associated with maintaining consistency between the dimensions of regulation such as the organization's culture, organizational climate, strategic planning, the face of renewable technology and the information and knowledge revolution. Institutions will only be able to meet these challenges through their outstanding and creative human resources, which can lead our Arab organizations and institutions to change, renewal and development, leadership, excellence, excellence and standing in the first ranks, not among ordinary people.

Course objectives:

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Provide participants with knowledge, policies and methods related to human resources management.
  • Develop the skills of participants in the planning and implementation of human resources systems and policies.
  • Help human resources management staff judge the extent to which human resources contribute to achieving the organization's goals.
  • Learn about the characteristics of the creators and excellence that organizations need at work.
  • Learn about the human resources management system.
  • Learn about the pillars on which human resources managers are based.
  • Knowledge of management excellence skills, evaluation and improvement of work results.

Target groups:

  • Managers and department heads.
  • Human Resources Management staff.
  • Interested in training and employment.
  • Training specialists and development and evaluation consultants.
  • Anyone who finds himself in need of this course and wants to develop his skills and experience.

Course content:

Unit 1:

  • Human Resources Management:

    • Concept
    • Goals
    • Challenges
    • Features
    • Management duties
    • Optimal use of human resources
    • Key elements, integrated system
    • General framework
    • Human Resources Planning
    • Human resource development and their relationship to human resources management
    • Ideas and assumptions
    • Differences between individual management and human resources management
    • Activities, human resources management levels and objectives

Unit 2:

  • Redesign of human resources management process systems:

    • Concept
    • Anchors
    • Steps
    • The overall framework for the overall reconstruction process
    • The advantages of dandeling
  • Evaluation and evaluation of performance:
  • Ways, stages and proposals to improve performance evaluation
  • The important role of training in human resources management
  • Types of training
  • Factors influencing the success of training
  • Concept and approach to identifying training needs
  • Training and development:

Unit 3:

  • Regulatory environment analysis:

    • Quadruple analysis method
    • Regulatory Climate Diagnosis Survey
  • Human resources planning:
  • Stages
  • Requirements
  • Ways
  • Concept
  • Items
  • Design and redesign work:

Unit 4:

  • Organizational status of human resources management:

    • Data
    • Factors influencing the regulatory situation
    • Forms of human resources management regulation
    • Qualifications of the Director of Human Resources Management
    • Roles of Director of Human Resources Management

Unit 5:

  • Building salary and wage structure:

    • Steps
    • Factors
    • Increases and bonuses: concept, foundations
  • Creativity in management:
  • Features of the new administration

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