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Digital Oil and Gas



Digital technologies are poised to make an impact on the oil and gas industry, but when? What will be the impacts? Which technologies will have the greatest impact? How big will the impact be? How will these technologies be best implemented? How can companies, suppliers, regulators, and employees prepare for these changes? What does this mean for your oil and gas career?

Participants learn the terminology and backstory to digital innovation in the industry, a framework for thinking about digital technologies, the maturity and impact of leading technologies, and the likely opportunities in upstream, midstream, and downstream.

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Define digital terminology.
  • Lead digital technologies impacting oil and gas.
  • Pace nature of the impacts of digital technologies on oil and gas.

Targeted Audience:

  • Oil and gas industry professionals.
  • Technology industry professionals.
  • Field service companies.
  • Consultants to oil and gas.

Course Outlines:

Unit 1: Introduction:

  • A working definition of digital.
  • Digital or Not Digital? (7 questions).
  • Two Laws of Digital.
  • Metcalfe's Law in action (3 questions).
  • Capital Markets and Valuation.
  • Case Assignment -- SWOT Analysis (3 questions).
  • Critical Insights from Early Adopters.
  • Identifying New Business Models (4 questions).
  • Recap of Learning Goals.

Unit 2: Oil and Gas:

  • Oil and Gas 101 -- Overview of Industry -- Learning Goals
  • Origins of Hydrocarbons
  • True or False: Where does oil come from (1 question)
  • What is Petroleum?
  • Oil benchmarks (1 question)
  • What is Natural Gas?
  • Value of Oil or Gas (1 question)
  • Extracting Oil and Natural Gas
  • How Exploration and Production Work
  • Oil comparison (1 question)
  • Overview of Oil and Gas Value Chain
  • Oil and Gas Upstream -- How Does It Work?
  • Exploration Rights (1 question)
  • Oil and Gas Midstream -- How Does It Work?
  • Oil and Gas Downstream -- How Does It Work?
  • Challenges of the Oil and Gas Value Chain
  • The History of the Oil and Gas Industry
  • OPEC (1 question)
  • Oil industry formation (1 question)
  • Oil and Gas -- Sample Challenges
  • Oil and Gas 101 -- Conclusions

Unit 3: Digital Framework:

  • The Digital Framework Overview.
  • How Data, IOT, AI, and Robotics fit in the Framework.
  • Data, IOT, AI, and Robots (8 questions).
  • More Framework Components Cloud, Blockchain, and ERP.
  • Exploring Cloud computing, Blockchain, and ERP (6 questions).
  • Talent issues in the Digital Framework.
  • Framework recap and combining technologies.
  • Elements of the framework (4 questions).
  • Recap Learning Goals.
  • Digital Opportunity Mapping.

Unit 4: Understanding The Core of Digital "Data, IoT, AI, and Robotics":

  • All about Data.
  • All about the "IoT".
  • Data and IoT quiz (5 questions).
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • Robotics (Bots).
  • AI and Bots quiz (3 questions).
  • Recapping Data, IoT, AI, and Bots.
  • Digital Opportunity Analysis "Part 1".

Unit 5: Digital technologies "Cloud computing, Blockchain, and ERP":

  • Cloud Computing.
  • Blockchain in Oil and Gas.
  • Blockchain and Cloud Computing Quiz (5 questions).
  • ERP in Oil and Gas.
  • ERP Quiz (3 questions).
  • Recapping Cloud Computing, Blockchain, and ERP.
  • Digital Opportunity Analysis "Part 2".

Unit 6: Emerging Technology:

  • Gamification.
  • 3D Printing.
  • Gamification and 3D Quiz (4 questions).
  • Digital Reality.
  • Recapping Emerging Technologies.

Unit 7: Digital Maturity Model:

  • The Maturity Model and Oil and Gas.
  • High Impact, High Maturity.
  • Medium Impact, High Maturity.
  • Maturity Model True or False (4 questions).
  • Medium impact, Medium maturity.
  • High impact, Low maturity.
  • Low impact, Low maturity.
  • More True and False about the Maturity Model (4 questions).
  • Digital Maturity Adjustment.

Unit 8: Fuse and Bang:

  • Timing and Fuse.
  • Applying the framework to the value chain.
  • The pace of change (3 questions).
  • Recapping Fuse and Bang.

Unit 9: Digital in the Upstream:

  • What is Upstream?
  • Key Business Issues.
  • Digital Impacts.
  • Business Model Impacts.
  • Which is better? (5 questions).

Unit 10: Digital in Midstream Oil and Gas:

  • What is the midstream?
  • Key business issues.
  • Ease of adoption of digital in Midstream oil and gas (4 questions).
  • Digital Impacts.
  • Business Model Impacts.
  • Using Digital Twins (3 questions).
  • Recapping Midstream Oil and Gas.

Unit 11: Digital in Downstream Oil and Gas:

  • What is downstream oil?
  • What is downstream gas?
  • Key Business Issues in Downstream Oil and Gas.
  • Business issues in different markets (5 questions).
  • Orthodoxies of Downstream Oil and Gas.
  • Digital Impacts on downstream oil and gas.
  • Business Model Impacts in Downstream Oil and Gas.
  • Digital technologies and Fuel Retailing (5 questions).
  • Recapping Downstream Oil and Gas.

Unit 12: Digital Management Issues:

  • Learning Goals in Digital Management Issues.
  • Getting Started.
  • Focus on digital roadmap (3 questions).
  • Organizing a team.
  • Building a Digital Team (1 question).
  • Agility.
  • Agile methods in oil and gas (1 question).
  • Cyber concerns in oil and gas.
  • Cyber Issues in Oil and Gas (4 questions).
  • Change Management.
  • Talent issues in the Digital Framework Roadmap Building.
  • Digital Strategy Development (3 questions).
  • Recapping Digital Management Issues.

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