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Digitization and Standardization of Engineering Drawings to Intelligence Enabled Specifications



This program provides you the technology and the understanding of the issues involved in proper Digitization of old Drawings and Maps, and, Standardization of In-house and Contractor Supplied CAD Drawings and Maps.
It will enable you to specify, plan, implement, and manage Drawings Digitization for your organization. The key focus is on ensuring the system and methodology enable present or future incorporation of User Friendliness and Intelligence in your drawings (BOM, FM, GIS)!!
Program Covers: Setup, Specifying, Design, Development, Deployment Upgradation, and Maintenance Issues Strategies. and covers the issues in Transforming Old Paper Drawings, Maps Documents into Intelligent Computer Data (that can be Reused, Referenced, Searched through your computer in the office, at home, or when at client/supplier site).

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Create Proven and Documented Competency and Skills in participant to incorporate in his job performance (to the depth allowed by the program duration)...
  • Knowhow Technical and Process 
  • Align to the Needs and Expectations of Stakeholders/ Customers (internal & external)
  • Align to Organizational Strategic Objectives
  • Good Management Practices meeting Recommendations and Requirements of the Relevant Industry Standards
  • Best Practices that assist in Making Dramatic Improvements, including as relevant, Productivity Improvements, Product and Service Differentiation, Big Performance Improvements and Generally Exceeding Stakeholder/ Customer Expectations

Targeted Audience:

All participants will take away a good multi-discipline understanding of the issues involved in their work. The program will help the participants quickly become productive quickly and help build a related Knowledge Framework that will help them identify, understand, classify and remember this program discussed technology, On the job learning, and life experiences.

Course Outlines:
Unit 1:

  • Different Digitization Implementation Case Studies
  • Analyzing your organization's needs
  • Setup of Digitization Facilities

Unit 2:

  • Error Prevention Methods
  • Error checking
  • Productivity Issues

Unit 3:

  • Maintaining Standardization
  • Ensuring Work will be suitable for future upgrades to the emerging technologies and applications.

Unit 4:

  • Specifying Standardization Issues
  • Deployment Issues
  • Contracting Out Digitization works – Issues Administration

Unit 5:

  • Planning a Digitization Project
  • Sources of Information Tools
  • Latest Developments.

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