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District Cooling Systems



District cooling systems can provide buildings in a particular area with chilled water for comfort and process cooling with the benefits to the building owner of greatly reduced or eliminated maintenance cost, much lower space requirements, and no concerns as to plant capacity or load growth. This course covers what designers and owners need to know about district cooling to enable it to provide energy efficiencies and reliable operation. Topics covered include Planning, Central Plant Design, Distribution System Design, Building Interfaces, Thermal Energy Storage, and Operation and Maintenance from both the designer and owner perspectives

Course Objectives

The program provides you a multidiscipline understanding of District Cooling Systems. The program covers the Technology, Business Aspects, Project Implementation, and Contractual Arrangements necessary for such systems.

The rapidly expanding and booming construction business in the Gulf and Africa has focused attention on the use of efficient district cooling systems for new developments. This program is intended for Developers, District Cooling System Providers, Government Agencies, and Building Owners.

Targeted Audience

Designers who are responsible for specification, design, or installation of district cooling systems as well as owners of district cooling systems and others who manage and operate district cooling systems. Owners and Operating staff who are responsible for the decision to transition to district cooling or properly maintain and manage systems.

Course Outline

Unit 1:

  • Issues & Risks on DCS
  • Understanding the Technology

Unit 2: Business Aspects :

  • Business Opportunity
  • Strategic Issues
  • Business Models
  • Feasibility & Design Data Collection & Analysis
  • Marketing DCS Projects & Proposals

Unit 3:

  • Project Implementation
  • Strategy
  • Planning:
  • Strategic Planning of DCS Projects
  • Implementation Planning a DCS Project

Unit 4:

  • Design
  • Deployment Phasing
  • Project Management of DCS Projects
  • Prequalification of DCS Suppliers
  • System Provider
  • Facility Operator

Unit 5:

  • Customer
  • Contractual Arrangements
  • Regulatory Aspects
  • DCS Planning Workshop
  • DCS Management System Workshop

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