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Effective Frontline Leadership



This training program is a specialized initiative designed to equip frontline supervisors and team leaders with the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel in their leadership roles. Through a customized program focusing on communication, team management, and problem-solving, participants learn to effectively lead and motivate their teams to achieve operational excellence.

Program Objectives:

At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Review the strong business case for its deployment and define engagement.

  • Demonstrate to attendees how to gauge, maintain, and increase engagement

  • Determine whether the leadership style has a good or negative effect on staff engagement.

  • To encourage collaborative practice, acknowledge "the collective power of insight."

  • Assess and improve motivation in light of theoretical models

  • Recognize and put into practice team performance theories.

Targeted Audience:

  • Frontline supervisors and team leaders.

  • Newly promoted managers.

  • Individuals transitioning into leadership roles from non-supervisory positions.

  • Employees seeking to enhance their leadership skills at the operational level.

  • Professionals looking to improve team performance and productivity at the frontline level.


Program Outline:

Unit 1:

Aligning Performance to Create Trust & Engagement:

  • The power of trust.

  • Collective wisdom to enhance decisions.

  • Team purpose - Performance management, KPI’s and MBO’s.

  • The importance of behaviours - Building a team charter.

  • Performance audits, reviews, and implications.

  • Evaluating potential and performance - Grid for talent management review.

Unit 2:

Harnessing Potential to Create Engagement: Motivation, Commitment and Competence:

  • Task and job allocation - Right player right position.

  • Improving team dynamics - positive and negative group behaviours.

  • Successful delegation - The achieving results through the efforts of others.

  • Motivating people - Core skills and practical steps.

  • Enhancing productivity and alignment by balancing positive and negative interactions.

  • Dealing with poor performance - Coaching for team and individual performance issues.

Unit 3:

Frontline Leadership to Capture Hearts and Minds:

  • Self-review & evaluation of frontline skills that build engagement.

  • Personality and management/leadership style - Psychometric assessment and review.

  • Authentic leadership to inspire people to exceed performance expectations.

  • The shadow of the leader - Impact and influence.

  • Emotional Intelligence (EI) and its role in engagement.

  • Creating the inspirational vision - The key elements of alignment.

Unit 4:

Employee Engagement and Business Success:

  • What is employment engagement.

  • The business case for engagement - Impacts business success.

  • Analysis and measurement of engagement.

  • The impact of frontline leadership on engagement, productivity, and commitment .

  • What do engaging leaders actually do.

  • What style of leadership does the role demand.

Unit 5:

Creating a Culture of Engagement through Generous Frontline Leadership:

  • Core essential for generous frontline leadership.

  • The front tine leadership challenge - Creating a culture of connection.

  • Action planning against the employee engagement model.

  • When engagement goes too far - Pitfalls of an overdone strength.

  • Balancing pressure with performance.

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