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Effective Purchasing , Tendering & Supplier Selection



The goal of this intense five-day training course on effective procurement, tendering, and supplier selection is to deepen and further solidify knowledge of the vital part suppliers play in delivering top-notch customer service via an efficient supply chain. Participants will learn how to assess the components of an effective tender as well as how to assess the performance of both potential and current providers.

Effective agreements that add long-term value to the organization will also be covered in the course.

Course Obojectives

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify and lower procurement risk by creating an action plan.
  • Utilize performance measurement and evaluation to help your current vendors perform better.
  • Recognize and improve your supply chain
  • Award contracts based on metrics or measured performance
  • Give a practical knowledge of the negotiation process

Targeted Audience

  • Purchasing Professionals
  • Those involved in defining the specification and evaluating supplier performance
  • Those involved in preparing and analysing bids
  • Those with an involvement in supplier relationships
  • Those whose role involves negotiation with outside agencies

Course Outline

Unit 1: What Function Does Purchasing Serve in the Company?

  • Overview of Purchasing and Its Role in the Organization
  • Cycle of Procurement and Purchasing Process
  • Putting Purchasing in Its Place in the Company
  • Vision, mission, and Purchasing Value
  • Where is Performance Improvement located?

Unit 2: Developing the Purchasing Strategy

  • Developing Purchase Agreements
  • Importance of being involved in Creating the Specification
  • Supplier Selection Methodology
  • Criteria for Pre-qualifying Suppliers
  • Integrating the Supplier Selection Process


Unit 3: Tendering and Analysing The Bid

  • Process Needs
  • Types of Tender
  • Electronic Commerce / E Auctions
  • Evaluating a Bid Objectively
  • Methods of Payment


Unit 4: Negotiating the Contract and Preparing a Plan of Improvement Action for Purchasing

  • Defining Negotiation
  • The Tools of the Negotiation Process
  • Phases of a Negotiation
  • Obstacles to Effective Negotiation
  • Evaluating Performance Gaps

Unit 5: Selecting the Right Supplier & Evaluating Performance

  • Conditioning the Supplier to Meet Your Requirement
  • The Total Cost Approach to Purchasing
  • Analysing Cost
  • Analysing Value
  • Life Cycle Costing

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