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Employee Engagement: Strategy and Practices



Employee engagement is largely a business difficulty that contemporary firms are increasingly dealing with, rather than solely an HR one. After a protracted lockdown, modern businesses now place a high focus on employee engagement and retention. You will discover what employee engagement is all about, how to measure it, and most crucially, how to create and implement successful engagement initiatives that have an influence on overall business performance, in this online learning course.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Draw lessons for employee engagement from well-known models.
  • Create, construct, and put into practice the prerequisites for an engagement culture.
  • Create unique HR strategies to boost employee engagement.
  • Create a thorough employee engagement index and analyze the outcomes

Targeted Audience

  • Managers seeking to understand the mechanisms behind worker engagement. The course is additionally designed to satisfy the needs of professional HR as well as managers and supervisors whose main duty is to engage and motivate their teams.

Course Outline

Unit 1: The case for employee engagement

  • Today's business reality
  • Managing times of changing people
  • What people want; employees versus employers want
  • Defining engagement
  • Satisfaction versus engagement
  • Gallup's Q12 index of engagement
  • The engagement business case; the Return on Investment (ROI) of engagement

Unit 2: The Antecedents, Behaviors, Consequences (ABC) model of engagement

  • Why do people do what they do
  • Carrots or sticks
  • The ABC model 
    • Behavior modification
    • The ABC model for behavior modification
    • Antecedents at work
    • The top engagement antecedents - expectations
    • What makes consequences effective
    • Consequences that kill engagement
  • Positive and negative reinforcement
  • Organizational tools to communicate expectations

Unit 3: Engagement Culture

  • Things that are important to employees
  • The drivers of engagement
  • The building blocks of an engagement culture
  • Spitzer's eight desires of motivation and engagement
  • An employee engagement model
    • Two-way communication
    • Trust in leadership
    • Career development
    • Employees' role in the success
    • Shared decision making
    • Career discussion
    • Employee gatherings
  • The role of values in building a culture of engagement

Unit 4: The ROI of employee engagement

  • Employee retention funnel
  • Research data about engagement metrics
  • On-Boarding breakeven point
  • ROI of engagement calculations: A practical example

Unit 5: HR practices for engagement

  • The talent war and the cost of losing it
  • Building the employee brand; what an engaged employee looks like
  • Factors that improve employee engagement
  • Activities that organizations can follow to build engagement
  • Building high-performance teams: a powerful engagement tool

Unit 6: Employee engagement initiatives

  • The CEO: Chief Engagement Officer
  • Leadership that ignites passion
  • The VOICE framework
  • Managing employee-engaging events
  • Checklist of employee engagement best practices
  • Employee engagement ideas from A to Z

Unit 7: Employee engagement surveys

  • Four surveys, not one
  • A suggested framework for designing an effective engagement survey
    • Fairness
    • Involvement
    • Wellbeing
    • Information
    • Degree of engagement

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