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Engagement Leadership



The "Engagement Leadership" training program is designed to empower leaders with the skills and strategies needed to foster employee engagement and commitment within their teams. Through interactive workshops and practical exercises, participants learn how to cultivate a positive work environment, inspire their team members, and effectively communicate organizational goals. 

Program Objectives:

At the end of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Enhance organizational interactions with clients, suppliers, managers, and staff.

  • Learn effective strategies to get beyond challenges and perform better.

  • Utilize sharp, fresh brain abilities to think of creative solutions to issues.

  • Utilize engagement talents to forge enduring connections with people from various business sectors.

  • Boost the reputation of the business and its success with customers and suppliers.

Targeted Audience:

  • Team Leaders.

  • Managers.

  • Human Resources Professionals.

  • Organizational Development Specialists.

  • Employee Engagement Coordinators.

  • Supervisors.

  • Business Owners.

Program Outline:

Unit 1:

The Proven Elements of Engagement:

  • Identify the elements of engagement.

  • Tracing an engagement strategy to financial success.

  • Understanding positive psychology and engagement skills.

  • Learning and applying the mindset of positive psychology.

  • Using new perceptual powers to see new opportunities.

  • The power of your subconscious mind.

Unit 2:

Emotional Intelligence & Engagement Leadership:

  • Introduction to emotional intelligence..

  • The influence of emotional intelligence on decisions

  • Self-Reflection of your positive nature: Monitor your own emotional state.

  • Self-Management: Managing your emotions to produce positive results.

  • Emotional self-control — Keeping disruptive emotions and impulses in check.

  • Applying emotional intelligence to employee and stakeholder engagement.

Unit 3:

The Power of an Engagement Leader to Lead People:

  • Social-Awareness: Awareness of others’ feelings, needs, & concerns; how to handle relationships.

  • Empathy: Sensing others’ feelings & perspective and taking active interest in them.

  • Emotional contagion – understanding and changing other people’s emotions.

  • Relationship-Management — getting positive responses by followers.

  • Supporting others by sensing the needs of others and bolstering their abilities.

  • Applying relationship management skills to create high involvement from people.

Unit 4:

Power of a Positive Psychology to Change Minds:

  • Learn how to use the power of the subconscious mind to change people.

  • Breaking old habits.

  • Applying the skill of expectations to increase motivation in people.

  • Improving your persuasive ability through positive communication.

  • Facilitating change – overcoming natural reluctance to change.

  • Changing mindsets of your people to go beyond themselves.

Unit 5:

Creating a Culture of Engagement:

  • The building blocks of culture – engagement values.

  • Creating the systems to reinforce the engagement culture and values.

  • How engagement leaders model the way – personal execution.

  • Spreading engaging principles throughout the organization.

  • How to measure and reward successful engagement actions.

  • Measuring your own Engagement Success as a Leader.

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