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Essential Supervisory Skills



This program is a comprehensive training initiative designed to equip participants with the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to excel in supervisory roles. Through practical modules and interactive discussions, this program focuses on developing critical competencies such as communication, conflict resolution, and team management.

Program Objectives:

At the end of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of an effective Supervisor and Team Leader.

  • Lead their team to success by gaining insights into recognized Leadership styles.

  • Apply a variety of Communication Styles when dealing with different personalities.

  • Motivate teams and individuals to drive performance and deliver outstanding results.

  • Develop the people within their team by delivering effective Feedback and setting SMART Objectives.

  • Recognize the tools and techniques used to understand Behaviors and handle any Conflict that may emerge among team members.

  • Drive the productivity of their team by applying effective Delegation and Time Management techniques.

Targeted Audience:

  • New supervisors transitioning into leadership roles.

  • Frontline managers responsible for overseeing teams.

  • Aspiring leaders seeking to develop essential supervisory skills.

  • Individuals tasked with leading and managing teams effectively.

  • Professionals aiming to enhance their leadership capabilities in a supervisory capacity.

Program Outlines:

Unit 1:

Establishing Leadership Foundations:

  • Defining the role of the Manager, Supervisor, and Team Leader.

  • Understanding the skills, attributes, and qualities of an effective Leader.

  • Establishing your credibility and authority as a Supervisor/Team Leader.

  • Acquiring a range of Leadership Styles to suit different situations.

Unit 2:

 Motivating and Building Teams:

  • Motivating your people towards success.

  • Handling difficult people and difficult situations – Conflict Management.

  • Build and lead high performing teams.

  • Managing workloads through effective Delegation.

  • Organizing yourself and others through effective Time Management.

Unit 3: 

Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution:

  • Communicating effectively with a range of personalities.

  • Acquiring the essential skill of delivering Feedback effectively.

  • Managing difficult personalities and Behaviours within your team.

  • Resolve conflicts quickly.

Unit 4:

 Coaching and Performance Management:

  • Coaching individuals and conducting one to one Meetings.

  • Motivate and inspire employees.

  • Managing the performance of your people and setting SMART objectives.

  • Coach and develop staff effectively.

  • Getting the most from your Team Meetings.

Unit 5: 

Optimizing Team Performance:

  • Gain enthusiastic cooperation.

  • Resolve performance issues quickly and effectively.

  • Delegate tasks with confidence.

  • Organize your time and workload.

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