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Essential Work Process Understanding & Skills for New CAD Professionals



Program coverage includes CAD Problem Areas, Contractual Issues, Industrial Designs Patents Copyright, Productivity Issues, Drafting Skills Tools Software, Checking of Drawings - Standards, Specifications - Completeness- Errors.., Standardization Issues, Productivity Issues, Future Needs - Intelligent Drawings, Accuracy (Customization), Quality Assurance.

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Gain a multi-discipline understanding of the relevant issues, analytical abilities, domain required competencies, and methods.
  • Plane outline he prepares and takes away after the program will help him to take initiative to improve work processes and make a positive difference in his performance on the job, team, business unit, or organization. This difference after implementation and when added to your resume will make you a prime candidate for career advancement in your own organization or in your next job/s.
  • Post-program when he takes decisions related to the work processes you will take into consideration (as applicable): Internal & External Customer Needs and Expectations, Understand Technology Options, Understand Risks, Actions for Increasing Productivity, Legal & Contractual Aspects, Intellectual Property Aspects, Safety, Security, Audit, Cost Benefit Aspects, Value Engineering Opportunities.... and more. The program will also cover understanding the Strategic Alignment Aspects of your job and in the process enable you to make a leadership contribution in your work area, team, or organization.
  • Implement the Program Recommendations and the Outline Action Plan you prepared in the program will lead to a feeling of Job Satisfaction, Self Esteem, Career Advancement, and Reduce Monday Morning Blues.

Targeted Audience:

This program provides the CAD Professional a Practical and Essential Understanding of Processes & Controls for Producing Effective and Efficient Drawings.

Course Outlines:
Unit 1:

  • The CAD office Function
  • Drawing Drafting Technology
  • Role of Drawing and Drafting in the Design Development Cycle
  • CAD Section Workflows

Unit 2:

  •  Impact of the 4 M's - Men, Materials, Methods, and Machines
  • Effective Planning Management Needs of CAD Drawing Office
  • Problem Areas
  • Contractual Issues
  • Industrial Designs, Patents & Copyright

Unit 3:

  • Drafting Skills, Tools Software
  • Checking of Drawings - Standards, Specifications, Completeness, Errors...
  • Error Prevention • Accuracy through Customization
  • Accuracy through Standardization

Unit 4:

  • Productivity Issues • Future Needs - Intelligent Drawings
  • Quality Assurance Implementation in Drawing Drafting
  • Planning Tools Techniques
  • Electronic Document Management Systems
  • Digitization of Paper Drawings

Unit 5:

  • Implementing Standardization
  • Implementing Productivity
  • Detailed Flow-Charts for each step/process discussed to give the participant a deep insight into the Practical Issues they will face on their job
  • Program Recommendations

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