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Essentials of Secretary Skills (Communication and Meetings Managements)



This course gives essential and in-depth practical techniques that will enable you to excel in your workplace. In this course, you will learn multi-disciplinary best practices such as how to be a better business writer and a master communicator. This course also focuses on the importance of providing exceptional internal and external customer service and the impact of doing this. Moreover, you will thoroughly have the chance to discuss the effects of stress at the workplace and ways to turn stress into an advantage. You will also learn how mastering your effective usage of time will inevitably enhance your productivity and lower your stress level. Another topic you will delve into is organizing and running an effective and professional meeting. Finally, you will learn in detail, how you can improve your phone handling capabilities.

Course Objectives of the Essentials of Secretary Skills

  • Define and understand the role of the office manager and administrator
  • Implement verbal and written communication strategies needed for carrying out responsibilities in an effective manner
  • Develop a service attitude and mindset aimed at the internal and external customer
  • List the main causes of stress and apply the techniques needed to control them
  • Apply time management techniques required for better office productivity
  • Organize meetings effectively
  • Handle telephone calls properly and professionally

The Essentials of Secretary Skills Course Outlines

Day 1

Personal skills for secretary

  • Critical thinking
  • Managing time effectively
  • How to prioritize 
  • Handling work stress and preventing job burnout
  • Maintaining a work-life balance

Day 2

The role of the office manager and administrator

  • Perception versus reality
  • The 3Ds of successful administrators: dramatically and demonstrably different
  • Competencies required for success
  • What it takes to be a 'star' at work
  • Identifying your role

Day 3

Writing an accurate and effective report 

  • The types of business reports 
  • The basic elements of business reports
  • Steps to writing an effective business report
  • Technical skills in preparing reports

Essential rules for preparing reports

  • The difference between informative reports and analytical reports
  • The three basic steps in writing a managerial report
  • Reports different criteria
  • Understanding the informative reports
  • Understanding the analytical reports

Creative ways for presenting reports 

  • Different types of business letters
  • Writing business letters effectively
  • Negotiation skills
  • Conflict resolution – suggested strategy and outcomes
  • Dealing with different types of personalities

Day 4

Organizing meetings (face to face and remotely)

  • Elements of an effective meeting
  • Preparing the agenda
  • Meeting common time wasters
  • Taking minutes of meetings
  • Responsibilities of meeting leaders and participants

Day 5

Meeting Management (face to face and remotely)

  • Scheduling - The Long-term Plan
  • Building up your Palette of Equipment, Staging, and Brand Collateral
  • Contracting and Managing a Suppliers List to Deliver your Plan
  • Flawless and Consistent Contracting that omits No detail
  • Managing Suppliers on Site
  • Entertainers, Speakers, and Hosts – Selection, Briefing, and Support
  • Exhibitions and Displays

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