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Essentials of Stakeholder Management



Stakeholder management is a technique for organizing, monitoring, and enhancing your interactions with your stakeholders. In order to connect with them, it entails methodically identifying the stakeholders, analyzing their requirements and expectations, and planning and executing a variety of tasks. Through the use of a competent stakeholder management approach, you will be able to plan out your interactions and evaluate the state and caliber of your relationships with different stakeholders.
The key components of managing continuous improvement are influencing and persuading all internal and external stakeholders in any process, including vendors, outsourced providers, clients, and coworkers.

By participating in this Essentials of Stakeholder Management training course, you will gain the knowledge and abilities necessary to effectively manage and influence stakeholders, as well as to raise their readiness for change and overcome opposition, using a variety of methods and strategies.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the characteristics of effective stakeholder management.
  • Determine their approach to managing stakeholders and the requirements of their clientele.
  • Recognize strategies for gaining stakeholder consent.
  • Differentiate between the 6 persuasive techniques.
  • List many ways to create a lasting relationship.
  • Improve your awareness of your own preferences, behaviors, and working methods.
  • Create a method for evaluating other people's preferences, behaviors, and working methods.
  • Learn to create productive working connections using your knowledge and understanding.
  • Think about your current stakeholder relationships and what you could do to strengthen them.

Targeted Audience

  • Anyone who is in charge of managing stakeholder relationships in a climate of business change.

Course Outline

Unit 1:Stakeholder mapping

  • Analysis models and tools

  • Who to influence?

  • Creating your own stakeholder mapping model

Unit 2: What makes them tick?

  • Stakeholder mapping considerations
  • Utilizing one's position, expertise, or personal strength

Unit 3: Personality preferences

  • Decide what you like personally.
  • What factors affect distinct types?
  • How to persuade others

Unit 4:Influencing strategies

  • A roadmap for effective persuasion
  • Various kind of persuasion techniques
  • Push-and-pull-style actions
  • Effective influencing techniques, competencies, and behaviors

Unit 5: Effective communication

  • Communication inclinations
  • Taking control of discussions with stakeholders
  • Choosing communication techniques to convey your messages

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